SAFC Leadership


The central leadership of the Student Activity Fee Committee is steered by the SAFC Executive Board, which is composed of the SAFC Chairperson, the SAF Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the SAF Recognized Student Organization Fund (RSO Fund) Director, the SAF Outreach Coordinator, and the Student Senate Speaker. Additionally, two members of the University Administration, the Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership, and the SAF Financial Consultant sit as staff advisors to the otherwise student-led board.

The office of the SAFC Executive Board is located in MUB 119A. Meetings of the SAFC Executive Board are open to the public. The SAFC Executive Board meets on Thursdays from 12:40pm to 2:00pm in MUB 117.

The SAFC Chairperson also serves as an Officer of the Student Senate.

Patrick O'Neil


Office Hours: 
Monday: 12:00 - 2:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 - 12:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Elizabeth Newton 

Chief Financial Officer

Office Hours: 
Monday: 11:00 - 1:00 PM
Wednesday 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Ria Talwar

Recognized Student Organization Director

Office Hours: 
Monday: 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Thursday: 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Bailey Shippee

Outreach Coordinator

Office Hours: 
Tuesday: 3:30 - 5:30 PM 
Thursday: 11:00 - 12:30 PM
Monday & Wednesday: By Appointment Only

Student Leaders

Patrick O'Neil

Patrick O'Neil

SAFC Chairperson

The Chairperson of the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) is the official spokesperson of SAFC, and often acts as the primary authority on all Student Activity Fee matters within and outside of the Student Senate. The SAFC Chairperson chairs all meetings of the committee, as well as those of the SAFC Executive Board. In this latter capacity, the SAFC Chairperson directly oversees and manages the SAF Chief Financial Officer, the SAF ORF Director, and the SAF Outreach Coordinator. The SAFC Chairperson is also wholly responsible for the proper management of the Budgets and Concepts process, acting as the central coordinator between current and applicant Student Activity Fee Organizations and the Student Senate, as well assisting the SAF CFO in the overall allocation of the Student Activity Fee for the following fiscal year.

Elizabeth Newton 

E Newton Outreach

SAFC Chief Financial Officer

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) Chief Financial Officer is the primary point of contact between Student Activity Fee Organizations (SAFOs) and the Student Activity Fee Committee. They are also more broadly charged with fulfilling the majority of the committee's financial and organizational needs. The CFO is responsible for properly utilizing the SAF and ensures no organizations spend beyond what is allocated to them through the budget approval process. The CFO works with organizations each year to craft their budgets for the next year and provides a recommended budget for each organization to the Committee. Since the Chairperson cannot have an opinion during Committee meetings, the CFO is the primary voice of the Executive Board and guides decision-making within the body.

Ria Talwar

Ria Talwar Headshot

SAFC Recognized Student Organization Director

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) Recognized Student Organization Fund (RSO Fund) Director is the primary point of contact for the more than 200 registered student organizations at UNH. The RSO Fund Director assists student organizations through the proposal and post-programming report process of the Student Activity Fee Committee. Every piece of RSO business is accepted and documented by the RSO Fund Director before it makes its way to the Committee. They are also tasked with overseeing the utilization of the RSO Fund, the very pool of money that enables this programming. 

B Shippee Headshot

Bailey Shippee

SAFC Outreach Coordinator

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) Outreach Coordinator is the chief public relations coordinator for the Student Activity Fee Committee. The SAF Outreach Coordinator is charged with publicizing SAF funding opportunities to all student organizations and educating the student body on the use of their SAF in general. Amongst other responsibilities, the Outreach Coordinator is specifically charged with maintaining the SAFC portion of the Student Senate website, updating the SAFC social media accounts, advertising to fill vacancies in the committee, and personnel management and training.

MKeenan Speaker

Maggie Keenan

Student Senate Speaker

The Speaker of the Student Senate is the sole spokesperson and leader of the internal structure of the Student Senate. The Speaker oversees and appoints the Officers of the Student Senate, and sits on the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) Executive Board.  They chair all meetings of the Student Senate, and are also the chairperson of the Election Committee and the SAFC Appeals Boad. They are ex-officio members of all councils and committees of the Student Senate, and work to convey resolutions passed by the Student Senate to the Administration or other interested parties.

Due to the importance and need for such a position to be unbiased, the Speaker is required to be largely non-partisan in Student Senate business. The Speaker is the only student member of the SAFC Executive Board that does not have voting power.

Professional Staff

Matthew Clarke 

Matthew Clarke Financial Consultant

SAF Financial Consultant​
Office: 323C

Unlike the other professional staff member on the Committee, the SAF Financial Consultant is hired by the SAFC Executive Board and paid the entirety of their salary by the Student Activity Fee in order to provide financial services and consultation to Student Activity Fee Organizations, the Student Activity Fee Committee, and other student organizations.

For more information, please visit the Memorial Union website.

Joey Cote

Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership
Office: 323B

The Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership is a professional staff member of the Memorial Union Building that plays an active role in student involvement on campus. The Coordinator oversees the approval process for newly recognized student organizations and acts as a general consultant for existing groups. They also are charged with orchestrating leadership exercises throughout the academic year for student leaders.

For more information, please visit the Memorial Union website.