University Committee on Study Abroad


The purpose of the University Committee on Study Abroad (UCSA) is to consider study abroad policies and procedures, evaluate, approve and review all programs, advise on the development of new programs, and serve as an advisory board to the Associate Vice Provost for International Programs on university-wide issues relating to study abroad. 

The Global Education Center oversees this committee, which meets several times each semester to facilitate campus-wide engagement and decision-making on policy and program matters concerning study abroad at UNH.

For more information about this committee, read the UCSA membership and policy guidelines.



Committee Chair & Associate Vice Provost:

Beth Kilinc (Chair)

Committee Chair  Administrative Director for Education Abroad
Dr. Kerryellen Vroman Associate Vice Provost

Associate Vice Provost for International Programs

Voting Members:
Dr. Martin Wosnik CEPS Representative Associate Professor, Mec. Engineering

Dr. James Malley

CEPS Representative Professor, Civil/Env. Engineering
Daniel Sedory CHHS Representative Associate Professor, Kinesiology
James Parsons COLA Representative

COLA Study Abroad Coordinator

Sue Hertz COLA Representative

Associate Professor, English

Andrew Ogden COLSA Representative Senior Lecturer, Agriculture

Dr. Dovev Levine

Grad. School Representative Assitant Dean, Graduate School
Jennifer Logsdon UNHM Representative Academic Advisor, UNHM
Dr. Reginald Wilburn Associate Dean Seat Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, COLA

MaryAnne Lustgraaf

OSIL Representative Director of the Memorial Union Building
Laura Upham Registrar's Office Representative Assistant Registrar
Non-Voting Members:
Catherine D'Auteuil Non-Voting Member Education Abroad Advisor/Program Manager

Leonie (Leo) Meijer

Non-Voting Member Education Abroad Advisor/Program Manager
Teresa Zellem Non-Voting Member International Ed. Program Support Assistant
Charlie Putnam Legal Counsel USNH Special Counsel