Prospective Visiting Scholars

J-1 Visa - Prospective Scholars

J-1 status is used for professors, research scholars, short-term scholars and specialists for temporary participation in approved programs of teaching, research, observation and consultation. The two most common types of J-1 visitors to UNH are research scholars and professors. Postdocs, lecturers, visiting scientists and visiting researchers are all eligible to apply for a J-1 visa. If  you would like to visit the UNH as an International Scholar you will need to find a UNH Sponsor.

Link to Forms for J-1 Scholars to Complete

J1 Scholar Form B

Bringing your Dependents

H-1B Visa - Prospective Scholars

The H-1B visa classification is for non-immigrant employees in a “specialty occupation,” where the position requires at a minimum a bachelors degree.  The H-1B has minimum wage requirements that must be met by the employing department and requires the filing of a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor (DOL) prior to filing an H-1B petition with the USCIS (immigration service).  Departments at UNH would usually sponsor an H-1B status for employees who have full-time teaching and/or research appointments for which secure funding is available. If you have been offered employment contact OISS for further information.

Link to Form for H-1B Scholars to Complete

H1B Scholar Form B

Bringing your Dependents