How to Apply for OPT

Please follow each of the steps below to ensure that you apply for OPT correctly. If you have any questions throughout the process, please email your appointed OISS advisor or

Learn the basics of OPT

  • Complete an OPT Information Session by enrolling in the online OPT training course in Canvas. To request enrollment in the course, please email and include your full name and UNH ID number.

Submit an OPT Request through eOISS

  • Complete and submit OISS's online OPT Request Form
    • Login to eOISS
      • Under the heading F-1 Practical Training, choose "OPT Request Form"
    • When completing your eForm, you will need to upload:
    • Before submitting your eForm, please meet with your academic advisor.
      • After you submit your eForm, your academic advisor will be sent an email notification to support your request.

Wait for OISS to review your eForm, issue your new OPT I-20, and give you the OPT Online Filing Instructions sheet.

  • An OISS Advisor will review your eForm and contact you with any questions. This may take 3-5 business days.
  • If appropriate, the OISS Advisor will issue a new Form I-20 with a recommendation for Optional Practical Training (OPT) on page 2 and send it to you with the OPT Online Filing Instructions sheet.

Pick up your new I-20 at OISS. *Don’t forget to sign it!

Prepare your documents for your application

Gather scanned copies of the following documents and have the files organized on your computer:

  • 2x2 passport style photographs (no less than 30 days old)
  • Your most recent I-94 record: - under the “Get Most Recent I-94” section
  • A scanned copy of your new OPT-recommended I-20 signed and dated by you and your OISS advisor
    • *If you do not have a new I-20 with an OPT Request listed on page 2, please STOP and complete the eForm request below. You must have this document for your application.
    • Login to eOISS (
      • Under F-1 Practical Training, choose "OPT Request Form"
  • A scanned copy of your passport bio-page
  • A scanned copy of your F1 visa
  • A scanned copy of your previous EAD (front and back) (if applicable)
  • Scanned copies of previous OPT and CPT I-20s (if applicable)

Create your myUSICS online account and apply online

*To create your myUSCIS account, click

  • Go to, then click Sign In.
  • Click on myUSCIS
  • Click on File a Form Online
  • Select “Application for Employment Authorization (I-765)” and then click Start Form
  • Click Next on the following page
  • Click Start to begin your application
  • Follow the OISS OPT Online Filing Instructions that your OISS advisor gave you for a step-by-step guide to completing the application.
    • *Important: Your eligibility category:
      • Select (c)(3)(B) Post-completion OPT
    • *You must complete your online filing within 30 days from the date that your new OPT I-20 was issued.

NOTE: If you wish to file your OPT application by mail, please let your OISS advisor know, and they will review those instructions with you.

NOTE: Once authorization to engage in OPT has been granted and an EAD has been issued, authorization may not be rescinded or canceled. Consult with OISS before taking any action that may jeopardize your OPT.