Academic Coaching

CFAR drop-in hours are Monday-Thursday, 11:00-3:00

 Smith Hall, Room 201


The Center for Academic Resources (CFAR) is your place for learning how to study smarter! We provide a variety of resources to support you in your academic success, including academic counseling, mentoring, study tips and subject area support. Your academic needs are specific to you and we want to create an environment of individual support so you can reach your personal and educational goals.

Some of our services include:

Meeting with an CFAR eduational  counselor:

Explore your current academic needs and the resources available to you. Stop in during our Professional Drop-in hours at Smith Hall, Room 201, Monday through Thursday from 11:00am to 3:00pm during the academic year.   


Meeting with a CFAR Peer Academic Mentor to improve Your Study Skills

Peer mentors teach you how to study smarter in your classes.  You and your peer mentor will do any or all of the following:

  • analyze how each class is designed and your faculty members’ expectations
  • identify the important course resources
  • determine the most effective ways for you to learn the material
  • design a time management system that works for you
  • create a way to organize your materials
  • develop note-taking skills for classes with and without PowerPoint slides
  • improve your reading skills to get what you need from books and articles
  • learn how to be prepared for and ace your exams

Finding Subject Area Support

Learn about the free resources on campus to help you better understand course content.