If you are interested in developing your skills and strategies on your own before deciding to meet with us, follow these resource links for strategies and useful information. 

Time Management

Time Management is a life skill. Finding the tools that work for you will be beneficial to you as a student and in the future.

Time Management Resources

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Study Skills

Whether you're looking for STEM strategies or are in need of tools for effective learning, CFAR has plenty of resources to offer.

Study skill resources

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Exam Preparation

One of the surest ways to see your GPA drop is to prepare poorly for your exams. We have the resources to help you feel ready for all of your exams.

Exam Preparation

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STEM Resources

We've provided content tutoring videos for many of the first-year STEM courses. Check them out!

Stem resources

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Learn about how to hire a personal tutor, tutoring centers on campus, and free tutoring opportunities.

Tutoring Resources

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New to UNH

We offer helpful tips for navigating your new academic culture.

New to UNH Resources

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Faculty & Staff

For faculty and staff, we offer structured training on topics such as meeting the needs of underrepresented students, or we can simply attend a meeting to answer questions about  how CFAR can support your efforts.

Faculty & Staff Resources

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Registration Resources

Course registration: it happens each semester and no matter if this is your first time choosing classes or your last time, we've got the resources to make the process as painless as possible!

Registration Resources

T-hall in the summer

Paul College Resources

Accounting, Economics, or Math for Business got you down?  Don't worry.  We've got your back with course-specific resources.  

Paul Resources

T-hall in the summer