Time Management

Time Management is a life skill. Finding the tools that work for you will be beneficial to you as a student and in the future.

First year students often are not sure how much to study and how to manage their free time. Returning students are challenged to balance the academic demands with their other involvements and responsibilities.

Academically, time management involves:

  • Knowing your due dates​
  • Identifying when to study
  • Deciding what to study (competing deadlines)
  • Organizing study materials
  • Studying in a space that works for you
  • Getting back on track when motivation and procrastination issues arise

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Semester Calendar

Use the calendar to identify trends and get ahead of busier weeks.  Due dates have a tendency to cluster and this tool helps you plan accordingly!

To-Do Folder

Looking for an active, flexible, and colorful way to keep track of tasks and assignments?  A to-do folder may be perfect.  You can organize the folder by class or by day of the week.

Eisenhower Matrix

Not all tasks are of equal importance.  That's where prioritization kicks in!  Use the matrix to determine what needs your attention first.  You can include personal to-do items as well.

Online Apps & Tools

There's no shortage of online apps and tools to help manage time.  Here are a few of our favorites.

The SAS office's assistive technology page also has great app recommendations and note-taking supports!

Places to Study

There are so many great nooks and crannies where you can study!  Here are just a few suggestions to get you started: