Registration Resources

Course registration: it happens each semester and no matter if this is your first time choosing classes or your last time, we've got the resources to make the process as painless as possible!

Step 1: Before you get started, questions to consider

  • Times ..what worked better for you?  Morning, afternoon, or evening? 
  • Lengths...did you prefer 50 minute, 90 minutes, or longer class sections? 
  • Distribution...would you rather have lots of classes over fewer days or a couple classes every day?
  • Did having breaks between classes work better than working straight through a longer block?
  • If possible, can you select smaller or larger class sized based on your preference? 
  • For labs and it better to have them at beginning versus the end of week? 
  • Have you done your research?  Talk with friends, faculty, and your advisor to see what they’d recommend (note: “easy” is relative and individual!) 
  • Do you have back-ups and back-ups to the back-ups?  You want to be ready no matter what!

Resources and How to Use Them

  • How do I find out who my advisor is? Follow these instructions
  • Make an appointment with your advisor (you’ll likely get emailed about when to come in) 
  • If you’ve met with your advisor to create a graduation plan, consult your plan (that will help with course picks for the next semester!) 
  • Move forward with the belief you will pass your classes (unless you’re absolutely certain you’ll fail, plan to take the next class in your sequence. Your advisor will help make changes based on the need to repeat something.) 

  • What is DegreeWorks? It's your degree audit and displays your major, Discovery, writing intensive, credit, and GPA requirements
  • Where can I find my DegreeWorks page? Follow these instructions.
  • How can DegreeWorks help you at registration time? Watch the video here: 

  • What is the course search? It's the go-to location for all classes being offered each semester. You can find it here!
  • What should I look for when perusing classes? Course descriptions include helpful information like: class size, meeting days and times, restrictions, pre- and co-requisites, attributes, the CRN (course registration number), if instructor permission is needed, and sometimes even the course syllabus!  Check out the video below:
  • Is there an easy way to keep track of classes I'm interested in taking? Yes!  You can use the "save" courses feature (video below):
  • I know what Discovery categories I have left, is there a way to search for classes that fulfill those requirements?  Yes, watch the video below:

  • What is the Catalog? The Catalog contains everything you need to about your major and program of study. It contains ideal course progression pathways, learning outcomes, and lists all the classes you need to take for your major
  • How can I use the Catalog to help with registration? Watch the video below:
  • Want to learn more about how you can use the Catalog?  Check out this video: 

Step 2: Before you meet with your advisor, questions to consider

  • Did you make your appointment within the window your advisor provided?
  • Do you need to bring anything or prepare anything to review when you meet with your advisor?
  • Did you consult the material(s) and/or resources given to you by your advisor?
  • Have you researched your next semester courses ahead of time?
  • Do you have a list of questions you want to ask your advisor? Prepare those in advance!

Resources and How to Use Them 

  • How do I get my RAC number? You must meet with your advisor to get your RAC.
  • Where can I find my RAC? Your advisor should have provided it during your appointment. You can also locate your RAC in Webcat

  • Can I register for classes if I have a HOLD on my account? No.  You need to resolve any holds in advance of your registration time.
  • Where can I find my HOLD(s)? Log into Webcat, click on the "Registration" tab and then mouse down to "View Holds."  Work with the relevant office(s) to get things all set!

Step 3: Before your registration "go-time" arrives, questions to consider

  • Have you reworked any courses or requirements based on your advisor's feedback?
  • Do you have enough back-up sections and classes if you register later in the day?
  • Are you aware of any advisor drop-in hours you can visit if you hit a snag?
  • Have you set an alarm or a reminder for the big day?
  • Are all HOLDs taken care of?
  • How much time do you need to get yourself ready before you choose classes in Webcat?

Resources and How to Use Them 

Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Student Category
April 24 7:00 AM May 8 6:00 PM Senior: 90 or more credits earned
April 26 7:00 AM May 8 6:00 PM Junior: 58-89 credits earned
May 4 7:00 AM May 8 6:00 PM Freshman: 0-25 credits earned
May 1 7:00 AM May 8 6:00 PM Sophomore: 26-57 credits earned
July 5 8:00 AM September 8 11:59 PM Registration re-opens for ALL undergraduate courses
July 12 8:00 AM September 8 11:59 PM Continuing Education/Non-Degree
  • Can I change my schedule over break? Yes, but if you have a question, consult your advisor.
  • What if a class I wanted to take was full (i.e., "closed")? Continue to check when registration re-opens as schedules change once final grades are posted!
  • Webcat isn't letting me register for a fifth class/up to 20 credits: Make sure a fifth class/20 credits is on your advisor's radar.  Some Colleges have GPA requirements in order to take 20 credits.  If you have permission and have spoken with your College about the need to take 20 credits, the window opens the Tuesday before the semester starts.