Billing Details

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  • Billing schedule:
    • Durham & Manchester undergrads are billed for Fall semester on July 10th, due August 1st. Spring semester is billed December 10th, due January 1st.
    • Grad & Law students are billed for Fall semester on August 10th, due September 1st. Spring semester is billed January 10th and due February 1st.
    • CPS Online/Former GSC charges are due two Wednesdays prior to the start of each half term by 5 pm EST.

*Account statements are posted when additional charges are applied, or a balance is due. Statements are posted on the 10th of every month and are due the 1st of the following month. Past due balances will be charged a late fee.

Monthly late fees are charged for any unpaid balance. Late fees are calculated as 2% of billed charges or $100, whichever is lower. 

    Students: How to View Your Bill

    • Access your bill – UNH monthly billing statements are sent electronically. Bills are posted to Webcat. Students are notified through UNH assigned e-mail addresses when new statements are posted. Designated Parent Portal contacts are also emailed when new statements are generated and are available to view online through the Parent Portal. Students are responsible for monitoring their UNH email addresses for billing notifications. All account activity is available on the student Webcat account.

    After logging into Webcat:

    • Select Billing
    • Select View Your Account/Pay Bill for real-time view of your account
    • To view your most recent bill, select Bill Statement at the upper right

    Through the UNH online billing and payment system students will be able to:

    • View monthly billing statements
    • Make payments to accounts
    • View billing and payment history

    Link to Webcat

    Parents: How to View Your Student's Bill

    • Parent portal – Students may set up Parent Portal accounts to allow parents or others access to student information. Options include billing, financial aid awards and final grades. Parent Portal account-holders can view and pay bills online and also receive billing notifications and important reminders.

    Parent Portal account holders will receive emails with instructions for account activation. Once accounts are set up, Parent Portal account holders will log into

    Link to Parent Portal

      • Full-time status – Durham undergrad students are billed based on full-time status (full-time is 12 – 20 credits). Students who plan to enroll less than full-time should notify Student Accounts by the due date, so that their accounts can be adjusted.
        • Manchester, grad and law students are billed based on actual, registered credit hours.
      • Anticipated credits – Financial aid (loans or grants) will appear on the bill either as an actual credit or pending item (anticipated credit).
      • Paying on time – All students (domestic and international, full-time and part-time) must pay outstanding balances by the payment due dates listed on bills. Bills must be paid by the due dates to avoid a late fee. Checks need to be received by the due date – postmarks on that date are not accepted as on-time.
      • The Account Change Form is found on our website and is used to make appropriate changes to the balance due. Charges may be added with the form, or amounts may be deducted if proper backup documentation is included (examples: changes in meal plans or financial aid not credited on bill).

      2022/2023 Undergraduate billing dates - Durham campus

      Semester Bills Posted Payment Due Date
      Fall Semester July 10, 2022 August 1, 2022
      Spring Semester December 10, 2022 January 1, 2023
      • Monthly bills will be issued as needed on the 10th of the month, due the 1st of the following month

      Payment Methods

      • Payment is accepted through online check or credit card, paper check, bank check, money order, cash or wire transfer (contact Student Accounts for wire transfer account information).  Credit/debit card transactions will include a 2.85% service charge.
      • An optional 5-month payment plan for fall and spring semesters is offered through Nelnet Campus Commerce, and is due the first of each month from July - April. Link to the payment plan will appear on the Billing/Account View page in Webcat or Parent Portal.
      • Families may apply for alternative education loans offered by some banks, or for federal PLUS loans. Applications should be completed and submitted to lenders prior to the payment due date.
      • Checks that have been returned for insufficient funds are assessed a $30-return check charge.

      Payments from 529 Accounts

      Payments from 529s are initiated by the family, not the school. Please request payment promptly when your bill arrives, as these payments generally take several weeks to arrive. Please include the student's ID number.

      Scholarships coming from outside of UNH

      Students who have received non-university scholarship awards should forward the scholarship checks to UNH promptly. Non-university scholarship funds will not be credited to student accounts until the checks have been delivered to UNH Student Accounts.

      • If the check is made out to the student, it should be endorsed with the following statement:  “Pay to the Order of UNH,” then the student's signature.
      • Financial aid awards may be adjusted due to outside scholarships.
      • If the student has received an award letter from the scholarship donor, please enclose that with the scholarship check. This will help ensure that the funds are posted accurately. Please try to avoid forwarding the award letter separately from the check.

      Mailing Address for checks, scholarships, and 529 payments:

      UNH Student Accounts

      11 Garrison Avenue

      Durham, NH 03824

      Student Health Insurance

      UNH requires health insurance as a condition of enrollment for all full-time degree students. Students may waive the UNH insurance if they have coverage through another equivalent plan. Please submit insurance waivers prior to semester due dates to avoid late fees. The Waiver/Enrollment form for health insurance will become available each year in June and must be submitted annually. Student health benefits plan information: (877) 657-5041

      Loan Requirements

      First-time borrowers of federal Direct Loans must sign promissory notes and complete entrance counseling. Links for promissory notes and entrance counseling may be found on the Loan Requirements page.

      Communication to Students

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      University communications are sent to students through the following channels:

      • Official notifications are sent to students by many departments and offices via a UNH email address that is assigned by the University. This is UNH’s official mode of communication to students.
      • University mailings are sometimes sent to campus addresses. Students may receive mail at Granite Square Station in the MUB.
      • Students register, view grades, bills, student accounts and financial aid through the Webcat.
      • Usernames (IT IDs) are obtained through the login help section. Additional assistance is available through the UNH IT Service Desk (603) 862-4242.

      Student ID numbers and Social Security Numbers

      Students will receive randomly-generated numbers to be used as their student IDs. UNH also requires that students provide their social security numbers so that we may comply with federal tax regulations. The SSNs will be stored securely within our information system and accessed only for federal tax reporting or financial aid purposes. UNH will already have SSNs on file for students who have filed FAFSAs. Families who intend to claim educational tax credits should be sure that UNH has the student SSN on record.

      Tuition Protection Plan

      Optional tuition insurance in the event of medical withdrawal is available.  This would cover reimbursement of tuition, fees, food and housing in the event of medical withdrawal due to illness, injury or psychological conditions. Tuition Protection Plan

      • Customer Service – (866) 724-4384 
      • Claims – (888) 427-5045