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Account Changes

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No action is required if the amount of your check is equal to the "Pay This Amount" balance shown on your bill and if you have no changes to request. Use the Account Change link to communicate with the appropriate department regarding changes to your tuition bill. Using the links on the form will ensure that your student account is properly charged and credited.

Please submit these requests well before payment due dates to ensure ample time for account adjustments. If you are informing us of a loan or scholarship not shown on your bill, please mail or fax backup documentation (e.g., copy of loan application or scholarship award letter).

Account Change

Direct Deposit - Request Your Refund Online

Direct deposit of student refunds for financial aid and credit balances is now available through Webcat. Check your student account - if you have an actual credit balance (not a pending credit), you can enter your banking information and request your refund. It will be deposited into your bank account in a few business days. This option is open to active students who are financially cleared for the semester, with no account holds. Refunds resulting from Parent PLUS Loans will be mailed to parent borrowers in the form of paper checks. If students wish to set up direct deposit prior to refunds being available, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form, include a voided check or copy of a bank statement, and return it to Student Financial Services. Please be aware that most refunds are not ordered automatically – you must initiate each refund request, even when a direct deposit is already set up.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Perkins Forms

Various forms for Perkins borrowers (such as Unemployment, Economic Hardship, Deferment, and Cancellation) are available via the Perkins Forms link. This connects to UNH's Perkins Loan servicer, Heartland ECSI's form page. Please scroll down to the bottom of ECSI's page to find the form that is appropriate for your needs as UNH is not currently listed in the "School Specific Forms" section. 

Perkins Forms for Deferment, Forbearance, ETC

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