Rocket launches into the green Northern Lights.

Research Snapshot: Northern Lights

On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the vivid green aurora — more commonly known as the Northern Lights. These skyward sensations are created when charged... Read More

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  • Car drives on flooded road near beach
    - Roads Under Water
    With a new $1.8 million National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grant, UNH researchers will study how and why coastal hazards like excessive flooding are causing... Read More
  • Researcher strides across ditch in salt marsh carrying square trancept
    - Marsh March
    Research in salt marshes in Rowley, Mass., explores solutions to long-ago created ditches, which increase flooding from sea level rise. Read More
  • Two exhibits featuring posters and computer kiosks at a museum.
    - An Out Of This World Experience
    High school students collaborated with UNH scientists to create a museum exhibit about humans in space.  Read More
  • While extensive mastitis research exists, there is limited data regarding the whole genomes of pathogens that cause the infections, and thus large gaps in our understanding of the bacteria and how or why they lead to the disease.
    - UNH Scientists Receive $650,000 Grant to Study Genetics of Costly Dairy Cattle Disease
    Researchers at the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire in collaboration with colleagues at Cornell University have received a four-... Read More
  • van allen belts around the Earth.
    - Space Waves
    UNH researchers have received a $1.62 million grant from NSF to study magnetic waves that impact Earth's radiation belts. Read More
  • Aerial view of river with researchers working on sandbar
    - Research Snapshot: Protecting Smelt
    On a sandbar in the Squamscott River in Exeter, UNH researchers and collaborators from New Hampshire Fish and Game and Coastal Research Volunteers collect rainbow smelt caught in... Read More
  • Marian McCord, UNH Senior Vice Provost for Research, Economic Engagement and Outreach
    - Envisioning the Future of STEM Research
    Marian McCord will serve on the National Science Foundation's Committee on the Future of NSF EPSCoR. Read More
  • Watercolor of bow of boat with sun over ocean horizon.
    - Artist At Sea
    A new exhibition at the UNH Museum of Art focuses on ocean research and the collaboration between art and science. Read More
  • Dzijeme_Ntumi
    - Promoting Inclusion and Equity
    This summer, Dzijeme Ntumi ’17, ’18G served as the lead instructor and curriculum designer for an innovative new educational program that explores science, technology, engineering... Read More
  • Female researcher scoops into large fish tank with net
    - Research Snapshot: Raising Lumpfish
    At UNH’s Coastal Marine Lab in New Castle, N.H., Elizabeth Fairchild raises and researches lumpfish as a potential pest-management solution for the aquaculture industry. Fairchild... Read More