Recent Stories

  • An image showing the retinal photoreceptors (left) and an image of the retina (right)
    - Predicting Eye Disease
    A recently awarded $1.5 million grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Eye Institute will support ongoing research into retinal degenerative diseases... Read More
  • Rocket launches into the green Northern Lights.
    - Research Snapshot: Northern Lights
    On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the... Read More
  • Group of people wearing lifejackets huddle in a circle in a pool
    - Research Snapshot: Offshore Survival
    The engineering tank in Chase Ocean Engineering Lab is no match for the chilly offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine, but it stood in ably for a recent offshore marine survival... Read More
  • Sam_Mercer
    - Twice as Nice
    Sam Mercer ’23, a chemical engineering major at UNH, was named a finalist for a pair of prestigious fellowships to study in the United Kingdom. Both the Marshall and Rhodes... Read More
  • An aerial view of a ship on the calm ocean water.
    - Shipping Sounds
    UNH researchers found no significant change in the U.S. continental shelf's underwater soundscape during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read More
  • Sun peeks through clouds and a group of students stands on a seaweed-covered rocky coastline by the ocean.
    - We All Belong on the Island
    Shoals Marine Laboratory has been awarded a 2022 Honorable Mention for Innovation for its Strategic Plan for Advancing Belonging. Read More
  • A panel of National Lab scientists talk under a slide that says "UNH DOE National Lab Day
    - National Lab Day
    . U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen welcomed participants to UNH's National Lab Day. Read More
  • Colin Ware sits on a chair in front of a three-paneled computer screen with various colored lines on it.
    - A Career's Work Recognized
    Colin Ware has been selected for the 2022 Visualization Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in scientific data visualization.  Read More
  • UNH PhD candidate David Ruth smiles at the camera in front of physics equipment
    - Testing a Fundamental Force
      UNH PhD candidate DAvid Ruth, lead author on a recent Nature Physics article. Photo by Sydney Staples. New research from a team of physicists led by UNH significantly advances... Read More
  • The Cod and the Tern
    - The Cod and the Tern
    With new grants, UNH researchers will study how climate change in the Gulf of Maine is affecting species like the Atlantic cod and the common tern. Read More