Jared O'Connell '22, a UNH Manchester senior in the computer science program

Networking for Success

For Jared O'Connell '22, networking opportunities were key in turning a software engineering internship into a full-time role. Read More

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    - Excellence in Citations
    Forty-one current and emeritus UNH researchers are among the world's 100,000 most cited, according to a new study. Read More
  • The Autonomous Surface Vehicle team stands next to a yellow vessel.
    - Seas the Day
    A team of UNH scientists won first place in an international competition for virtual autonomous ocean-going robotics. Read More
  • James Glennon '12, '20G, recent graduate of the cybersecurity policy and risk management program
    - Cybersecurity Spotlight: James Glennon '12, '20G
    James Glennon '12, '20G became interested in cybersecurity during his time as an undergraduate at UNH, where he studied business administration and IT. While working full-time at... Read More
  • Growing More Than Algae
    - Growing More Than Algae
    Fertilizer pollution can have ripple effects in the food webs of streams and rivers, new research from UNH and other institutions finds. Read More
  • Close-up of clams
    - Not Clamming Up
    A recent paper by a team of UNH researchers sheds new light on how apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death, evolved in invertebrates. Read More
  • New_Dean_Cyndee_Gruden
    - Cyndee Gruden named dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
    Following an extensive national search, UNH will welcome Cyndee Gruden as dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, effective Jan. 11. Read More
  • Physics professor Chanda Prescod-Weinstein stands against a chalkboard with arms crossed.
    - A Force in Physics
    Nature magazine has selected assistant professor of physics Chanda Prescod-Weinstein to its "Nature's 10" list of 10 people who helped shape science in 2020. Read More
  • Thomas Gerton '23, biotechnology major, works in the lab at UNH Manchester
    - Millyard Scholar Spotlight
    Thomas Gerton ‘23 shares his experience as a UNH Manchester biotech student and lab intern at Advanced Solutions. Read More
  • Joe Souney inspects an ice core from Antarctica.
    - Core Planning
    UNH scientists received an NSF grant to plan the logistics of ice core research in a remote section of Antarctica. Read More
  • Andy Armstrong aboard research vessel.
    - Hydrographic Honor
    NOAA has awarded UNH oceanographer Andy Armstrong a Gold Medal for his contributions to delineate the U.S. extended continental shelf. Read More