Lynette Davis in Cahse lab

Mapping a New Career

Lynette Davis, a graduate student pursuing dual degrees in computer science and ocean mapping, is back at sea agai Read More

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  • Teaching Rock Climbing to Make Better People
    - Teaching Rock Climbing to Make Better People
    UNH researchers have found that outdoor behavioral health care, or wilderness therapy, is not only more effective than more traditional treatments but it's cheaper. Read More
  • ​Alana Gudinas ‘20​
    - Affirming Potential
    Two UNH students are receiving help with their education through the Goldwater Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships of up to $7,500 a year. Read More
  • Student in orange helmet perched on edge of rock, about to rappel down
    - For Teens, Outdoors Is Greater
    A new study from UNH has found that adventure therapy is less expensive and more effecitve than traditional therapy. Read More
  •  Through Fear Comes Resilience
    - Through Fear Comes Resilience
    When Amada Guapisaca ’19 came to UNH, she was worried she might fail. And then she focused on what to do if she did. Read More
  • UNH's Nancy Kinner
    - Coming Full Circle
    "Neither of my parents went to college, but they were insistent on two things: You were going to go to college ... You better like what you do...” Read More
  • Japanese Family Photo
    - Finding Language for Silence
    An MFA writing student is travelling to Japan on a STAF award. Read More
  • UNH graduates at Commencement
    - Nominations Are Open
    Submit your nominees for Honorary Degree and Granite State Awards by Oct. 30. Read More
  • Students in classroom at UNH Manchester
    - Switching Schools? Five Tips for Transfer Students
    According to a study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, more than a third of college students transfer to another school. If you're in that mindset,... Read More
  • UNH's Amy Michael with DNA Doe workers Anthony and Lee Redgrave
    - What’s In a Name
    Amy Michael is a biological anthropologist. That means that instead of looking to the past to learn how people lived, she is often looking to see how they died. A lecturer in UNH’... Read More
  • U Day Celebrates New Year
    - U Day Celebrates New Year
    University Day marks the beginning of the new academic year, introducing new students to the UNH community while giving returning students the chance to reconnect. Read More