Amada Guapisaca chats with a career counselor

Following Her Roots

Amada Guapisaca ’19 plans to bring her business degree full circle, helping those who are struggling with immigration law disputes. “As a first-generation student and a second-generation immigrant, my parents had to make sacrifices in order to provide my brother and me with opportunities they did... Read More
Audrey Balaska '19
Back in high school, when Audrey Balaska ’19 was thinking about what she wanted to study in college, she came up with a list of three possibilities:... Read More
Group of researchers gathers around large drone outside on a sunny day.
Jennifer Jacobs is passionate about bringing people together to tackle the big issues affecting communities— from our water supply to our roadways,... Read More
UNH's Brenda K. Hess-McAskill  and Julia Zabkar '21 with two rescue ponies
UNH Equine steps up to help a multi-agency rescue effort and gives two ponies the care they need to start new lives. Read More
Three Minute Thesis Group
The 3MT is coming: Here are all the details. Read More

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