Space Science Center

Image of solar flare from the Sun and the Earth surrounded by purple magnetic lines.

Space Storms

UNH researchers will receive $1.1 million to study space weather as part of the Center for Geospace Storms. Read More

Recent Stories

  • UNH EOS director Harlan Spence
    - UCAR Board
    Harlan Spence has been elected to serve as a member of the board of trustees of the UCAR. Read More
  • UNH instrument used on NASA MMS satellite
    - Magnetic Mysteries, Decoded
    A NASA rocket carrying instruments developed by scientists, engineers and students from UNH’s Space Science Center (SSC) has obtained the first-ever data of an elusive phenomenon... Read More
  • Illustration of satellites circling the Earth
    - Magnetic Reconnection
    On October 16, 2015, dozens of UNH scientists, space physics researchers, engineers and students made history. Read More
  • UNH Project SMART participants launching scientific balloon
    - Riding High
    Project SMART high school students steady their scientific balloon as it fills with helium prior to launch. (Photo: Devin Thomas, University of British Columbia)Near space is the... Read More
  • students in medical gowns and masks
    - For These UNH Students, It Is Rocket Science
    Long before it blasts into space March 12, the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission will have launched the careers of would-be rocket scientists who contributed to the mission... Read More
  • satelites in space
    - Space Quartet
    Ten years ago, UNH physics professor Roy Torbert knew that when the university’s Space Science Center (SSC) was awarded a very large role in NASA’s ambitious, four-spacecraft... Read More
  • simulated satellites
    - Heavenly Science: Student Balloons Video Earth Below, Space Above
    On Thursday, July 17, 2013, high school students and their University of New Hampshire Project SMART mentors successfully flew twin weather balloons that carried miniaturized... Read More
  • solar orbiter satellite
    - In the Hot Seat
    The Solar Orbiter mission, with a UNH instrument on board, will use a series of gravitational slingshots around Venus to get closer to the sun than ever before. Read More
  • satellite orbiting earth
    - Tightening the Scientific Understanding of the Belts
    More than a dozen years in the making, the twin Radiation Belt Storm Probes will rocket into the harsh environment of Earth's Van Allen radiation belts to probe their inner... Read More