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  • Water Works
    - Water Works
    New research has found that watershed size plays a major role in a river network’s ability to filter certain pollutants. The findings both further our understanding of which... Read More
  • Jessica Scheick headshot with icebergs floating on the ocean in background.
    - Rising Star
    Jessica Scheick was selected for Geospatial World's 2022 Rising Stars Award for her work in cryospheric science and remote sensing data.  Read More
  • Snowy forest.
    - Hope for Snow?
    UNH research indicates that reducing carbon dioxide emissions now could lessen the impact of climate change on snowpack.  Read More
  • Crescent moon hovers over blue and red sky above the Earth.
    - Passings: Professor Robert Harriss
    Professor Robert Harriss, an influential figure in the early growth of the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS), passed away on Dec. 24, 2021.  Read More
  • Meghan Howey works with student archaeology students on a dig near Great Bay.
    - Unearthing Great Bay's Past
    Researchers have summarized their findings about Great Bay's social and ecological history in an online StoryMap.  Read More
  • Multiple smoke plumes from wildfires are seen from airplane above mountains and lakes.
    - Arctic Air
    UNH researchers have received an NSF grant to study the mechanisms of wintertime air pollution in Arctic regions.  Read More
  • Aerial photo of Oyster River in snow
    - Predicting Future Floods
    New UNH research updates snowmelt flooding models for a changing climate, helping protect vulnerable infrastructure and water resources. Read More
  • A snow-covered mountain near a body of water and autumn foliage in the foreground.
    - Converging on Climate Science
    A new graduate traineeship program will help students expand their climate research skills while working closely with Arctic Indigenous people.  Read More
  • Student researcher stands at edge of stream in Arctic Sweden.
    - Transforming Students Into Climate Leaders
    Three National Science Foundation grants provide international climate change research opportunities for students. Read More
  • UNH scientists are investigating supplementation of dairy cow diets with seaweed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve milk quality and animal health.
    - UNH Scientists Share $13M in Grants to Study Benefits of Feeding Dairy Cows Seaweeds
    Most people are unlikely to associate seaweed with dairy production. But University of New Hampshire scientists will be working to change that, sharing two grants totaling nearly... Read More