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A small glacier and snow-covered mountains in Svalbard, Norway.

Frozen Commons

UNH researchers have received a $488,983 grant from NSF to study shared Arctic landscapes and improve their resilience.  Read More

Recent Stories

  • Flooded road blocked with yellow tape and "high water" sign
    - Pounding the Pavement
    New research from UNH shows that thicker asphalt could extend the life cycle of roads — and save money — as the effects of climate change stress them. Read More
  • Spring pink blossoms on a tree in front of a brick building on campus.
    - Seasons Of Change
    One of the leading indicators of climate change — phenology, or nature’s calendar — can provide some insight into past climatic trends as well. Read More
  • Madeline Juffras '19 working on scientific equipment in a wetland
    - Inquiring Minds
    UNH's Inquiry journal highlights undergraduate research. Read More
  • Giving Science a Voice
    - Giving Science a Voice
    Two UNH graduate students are giving New Hampshire science a national voice.  Read More
  • Researchers take a soil sample
    - Increasing UNH’s Impact
    Faculty, grad students complete first-ever Research Communications Academy. Read More
  • A reindeer with fuzzy antlers browses for food on the ground.
    - Climate (Diet) Change
    As the Arctic rapidly warms from climate change, reindeer are responding by eating different foods available during the longer growing seasons.  Read More
  • Text on a page surrounded by colorful ocean graphics.
    - Rising Above The Crowd
    Undergraduates at UNH are leading their own research project sand publishing the data and results, sometimes before they even graduate. Read More
  • Arctic mountains and sea with text "the Arctic is melting. Is it time to panic?"
    - Melting Arctic
    An international panel of researchers, including UNH's Larry Mayer and Nancy Kinner, will discuss Arctic change and melting. Read More
  • Group of researchers gathers around large drone outside on a sunny day.
    - The Spirit of Collaboration
    Jennifer Jacobs is passionate about bringing people together to tackle the big issues affecting communities— from our water supply to our roadways, she’s helping to advance the... Read More
  • A view of the UNH campus in autumn
    - Committed to Collaborative Research Excellence
    Fourteen interdisciplinary teams of UNH researchers have received $425,000 in CoRE funding. Read More