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Plastic bags hang on tree branches just above Chicago River.

Tracking the Stream of Plastic

UNH researchers have received a grant to study how much plastic stays within rivers instead of washing out to sea. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Joe Souney inspects an ice core from Antarctica.
    - Core Planning
    UNH scientists received an NSF grant to plan the logistics of ice core research in a remote section of Antarctica. Read More
  • Drone shot of UNH campus with brilliant autumn colors
    - Collaborative to the CoRE
    UNH's Collaborative Research Excellence initiative has funded 14 interdisciplinary projects. Read More
  • Woman sits by river bank taking notes.
    - Rivers Running Into Problems
    UNH research indicates that less snow could lengthen mud season and change river ecosystems by the year 2100. Read More
  • Bogged Down By Climate Change
    - Bogged Down By Climate Change
    Shrubs are replacing moss in peat bogs due to climate change, which could cause more carbon dioxide to enter our atmosphere.  Read More
  • Ruth Varner in Stordalen Mire in Sweden
    - Emerging Science
    UNH will receive $3.6 million to examine the climate change effect on ecosystems.  Read More
  • GIS map indicating groundwater rise due to sea level rise
    - More Than Maps
    NH GRANIT reaffirms its commitment to curating geographic data, helping communities, and shaping students' careers.  Read More
  • Satellite-image-of-2019-wildfires-in-Amazon
    - Smoke on the Water
    UNH researchers will study Amazonia's wildfire history from thousands of years ago to understand how fire might affect the region in the future. Read More
  • Two vehicles drive through flooded road conditions.
    - Water, Water Everywhere
    A new document published by UNH provides guidance to help Seacoast communities prepare for increased flood risks due to climate change.  Read More
  • Ruth Varner stands on a boardwalk in Abisko, Sweden.
    - Arctic Connections
    Ruth Varner has been appointed to a year-long position as a visiting researcher at Stockholm University in Sweden.  Read More
  • Grey house surrounded by green lawn.
    - Beyond Curb Appeal
    UNH researchers found that the older the home, the more carbon stored underground. Read More