Earth Systems Research Center

Recent Stories

  • Researcher David Moore collecting sap from beech trees in a forested area. Snow covers the ground. David crouches next to a bucket.
    - Alternative Syrups: What Are They and How Can They Improve Resiliency of Maple Syrup Industry?
    UNH doctoral candidate David Moore, a member of the Ecohydrology Lab at the UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, led research into best management practices for... Read More
  • A scenic shot of Great Bay marshes with autumn foliage in the background.
    - Retracing Colonists’ Spread into Great Bay
    Researchers are using an innovative tactic to reveal the decision-making behind the early English colonists' movements into Great Bay. Read More
  • People bundled up in winter gear hold a long white tube to measure soil frost amidst a snowy forest.
    - Frosty Field Work
    Wearing their warmest winter garb, graduate students from UNH and the University of Maine, along with three UNH faculty members, braved the extreme cold and perpetual darkness in... Read More
  • Computer screen with white text for code.
    - Bolstering Broadband
    A UNH-based mapping agency will inventory statewide broadband coverage to identify underserved areas.  Read More
  • Recognizing Research Excellence
    - Recognizing Research Excellence
    Scott Ollinger of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture was the recipient of the 2022 Excellence in Research Award at the University of New Hampshire's Faculty Excellence... Read More
  • Four people sit in a row boat on a lake surrounded by green vegetation.
    - Warming Waters
    A UNH postdoctoral researcher is studying impacts of climate change on methane-producing bacteria in Arctic lakes.  Read More
  • Aerial image of Abisko, Sweden, with lakes and green land near mountains.
    - Carbon Gatekeepers
    Ruth Varner has received a $3.4 million grant from the Department of Energy to study the effects of climate change on methane emissions in Arctic lakes. Read More
  • Meeting Great Bay History
    - Meeting Great Bay History
    A prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities grant will extend the work of the Great Bay Archaeological Survey to 72 K-12 teachers. Read More
  • Remote Alaskan mountain with snow in foreground
    - Baking and Quaking
    With $1.7 million in National Science Foundation funding, UNH researchers will study how climate change in the Arctic could affect earthquake-related disasters. Read More
  • Measuring Methane in Streams
    - Measuring Methane in Streams
    Different aquatic bodies play different roles in the release of methane gas. Wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs all play large roles in releasing methane directly into the atmosphere... Read More