Jessica Scheick honored with geospatial award

Monday, February 28, 2022
Jessica Scheick headshot with icebergs floating on the ocean in background.

Jessica Scheick, a UNH research assistant professor of glaciology and remote sensing in the Earth Systems Research Center, was selected for Geospatial World’s 2022 Rising Stars Award. Scheick is one of 50 scientists from around the globe chosen for this honor, which recognizes young professionals who make a positive impact on society and the economy by advancing geospatial knowledge. 

Scheick’s research largely focuses on cryospheric science and remote sensing data — she has worked with satellite data combined with machine learning to learn about changes in icebergs and calving rates in Greenland fjords. She leads an open-source software library called icepyx that simplifies the process of searching for and analyzing ICESat-2 data products. In addition to these advancements in research, Scheick is being recognized for her leadership within the cryospheric community, particularly as it relates to NASA’s ICESat-2 mission, which uses laser pulses to measure the changing height of the Earth’s frozen regions.

Scheick is one of 11 award recipients from the United States, and one of five from an academic institution.