Why Go Abroad

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“Studying and living abroad is a must…Not just to acquire language skill, but in order to become truly bi-cultural. In a global economy even if the business is done with less boundaries the culture remains local.”

~Alain Benichou, Vice president of Strategy & Solutions, IBM Paris President
American Chamber of Commerce in France Forbes Magazine, January 29, 2016


We couldn’t have said it any better, but we can say more. Every students’ future will be impacted by increasingly complex issues that transcend national boundaries— economy, migration, conflict, climate, disease, food systems. Whether you venture far from home or never leave NH, you will need the capacity and skills to recognize, understand, analyze and respond to these global challenges.

You will need to appreciate that other countries and cultures may have quite different perspectives on both problems and solutions. Study abroad provides an unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge base and world view through experience, interaction and testing new ideas and concepts.

Study abroad also helps you to develop critical academic, professional, and life skills such as:

  • Exposure to different perspectives and ways of thinking
  • Cross-cultural communication & understanding
  • Adaptability
  • Acting independently
  • Problem solving
  • Function in new and different environments

U.S. work places are increasingly multi-cultural and dependent on global forces and interactions. In multiple studies, employers confirm the value of these skills and that they consider study abroad as a marker for demonstrating them. A recent longitudinal study showed that compared to the general undergraduate alumni population, study abroad alumni have higher full-time employment rates, lower unemployment rates, and higher starting salaries than the national average.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you of the importance of an Education Abroad experience.

If you want more information on opportunities, visit our Programs page for descriptions and links to a searchable database. If you are interested, but feel that the barriers and challenges to going abroad are too great, please visit our Myths & Realities page.