Faculty Travel Reports

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Academic Year 2016-2017


BoRin Kim, Assistant Professor of Social Work, COLA - South Korea
Professor Kim attended the Korea Health Panel conference, had collaborative meetings with scholars from Seoul National University and was a guest lecturer, and visited medical social workers at the Seoul National University Hospital.

Eshan Dave, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEPS - England
Professor Dave travelled to Nottingham to organize and participate in international meetings at the University of Nottingham. Presentations given and shared centered on the subject of asphalt pavement.

Gene Harkless, Chair and Associate Professor of Nursing, CHHS - Nepal
Dr. Harkless, Dr. Kerryellen Vroman, and Dr. Geeta Pfau made an exploratory trip to Kathmandu Valley to evaluate health and other related services and identify potential partnerships for developing UNH/CHHS student service learning experiences in Nepal.

Young Jo Kim, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, CEPS - South Korea
Professor Kim visited two universities and two industries to network by giving talks and meeting with researchers.

Patricia Halpin, Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, UNHM - Brazil
Professor Halpin attended the International Union of Physiological Sciences World Congress as well as the ADInstruments Teaching Workshop.

Michele Loos, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, CHHS ~ Netherlands
Professor Loos presented as a guest faculty at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences on the complexities of advance practice nursing in the U.S. and then visited a Dutch nursing home to observe practices and discuss the Dutch model of healthcare.

Danielle Pillet-Shore, Associate Professor of Communication, COLA ~ Northern Ireland
Professor Pillet-Shore received an invitation to present a research paper at the International Pragmatics Association conference, which centers on the study of language use.

Nathan Jorgensen, Assistant Professor of Music, COLA ~ Switzerland & Italy
UNH's 3 O'Clock Jazz Band, directed by Professor Jorgensen, was selected to perform in two international festivals in July of 2017. While in Europe, they travelers experienced new cultures and fostered potential future collaborations.

Ivo van der Graaff, Assistant Professor of Art & Art History, COLA ~ Italy
As the director of excavations for the Oplontis Project, Professor van der Graaff  investigated two structures that were buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE.

Brigitte Bailey, Associate Professor of English, COLA ~ France
Prof. Bailey attended the Society for the Study of American Women Writers conference and furthered her study of the ways in which transnational approaches are reshaping thinking about women writers.

William Murphy, Professor of Law and Chair, Commerce and Tecnology Law Graduate Program ~ Ireland
UNH Law has long been a recognized leader in the area of intellectual property law education so it is only natural that UNH should seek to forge and strengthen bonds with legal institutions and professionals in Ireland.

Katie Edwards, Assistant Professor of Psychology, COLA ~ South Africa and Kenya
Prof. Edwards travelled to Africa to learn more about the innovative sexual violence prevention work happening across the African continent and to discuss similarities and differences in violence prevention in South Africa and the U.S.

Elizabeth Carter, Assistant Professor of Political Science, COLA ~ France, Italy
Prof. Carter conducted research, completed an article, met current contacts and made new institutional contacts for potential future collaborations for her project on the politics of quality food production.

Melissa Wells, Associate Professor of Social Work, COLA ~ Sweden
Prof. Wells traveled to Sweden in summer 2016 to enhance her research collaboration, to add an international component to a child welfare elective that she is developing, and to pursue study abroad possibilities for Social Work students.

Robert Henry, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, CEPS ~ South Africa
As the director of several STEM based camps at UNH, Prof. Henry helped organized and participated in the Girls Winter Camp in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jeffrey Halpern, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, CEPS ~ Ireland
Prof. Halpern attended a metabolomics conference in Ireland for academic collaborations and cultural exploration. He continued on to the UK, Germany, and Greece to continue those goals.

Academic Year 2015-2016

Molly Dorsey, Associate Professor of History, COLA ~ New Zealand
Prob. Dorsey presented a paper at the “War, Peace and International Order?  The Legacies of The Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907” and visited the National Archives for research materials.

Michele Dillon, Professor of Sociology, COLA ~ Italy
Prof. Dillon travelled to Rome and The Vatican to conduct research for her new book project on institutional change in Catholicism and made connections with faculty and students at the American University of Rome, a potential study abroad destination for UNH students.

Jo Sias Daniel, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEPS ~ Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom
Prof. Daniel travelled to several European countries to meet with colleagues about research proposal ideas, speak with graduate students and faculty about their research and potential future collaboration, and attend technical committee meetings and a conference.

Melinda Negron-Gonzales, Program Coordinator (Politics and Society Program), Assistant Professor of Political Science, COLA ~ UK, Italy, Spain, France
Prof. Negron-Gonzales presented a paper on a faith-based movement called Hizmet at the 3rd Annual Sociology and Critical Perspectives Conference on Social Movements in Turkey.

Valentini Kalargyrou, Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, PAUL ~ Israel
Prof. Kalargyrou visited Israel to collect data from Nalaga’at (in Hebrew, “please touch”) Center in Tel Aviv for the Social Entrepreneurship and disability inclusion in Hospitality and Tourism research project.

Serita Frey, Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment, COLSA ~ Argentina
"The specific goals of my trip to Argentina were to (1) visit and interact with a research group at the University of Buenos Aires, (2) explore potential research sites in the Patagonian steppe in southern Argentina, and (3) write several manuscripts and proposals."

Soo Hyon Kim, Assistant Professor of English, COLA ~ New Zealand
"I traveled to Auckland, New Zealand to present a paper at the 14th Symposium on Second Language Writing, ...devoted to moving forward the field of second language writing and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars..."

Summer Cook, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, CHHS ~ Australia
"Over the last several years, I have had students earn Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) from the Hamel Center and have always wanted to give students an opportunity to apply for SURF abroad grants or to study abroad while conducting research within our field."

Jennifer Jacobs, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEPS ~ England
"I accepted a seminar invitation and met "...with colleagues at Nottingham University and Newcastle University, England about climate change and infrastructure." I also had an informal discussion with NTEC researchers to identify common interests, mutual colleagues and numerous points for future collaboration."

Brian Chu, Professor of Art, COLA ~ Taiwan and China
"In this 70-day trip I satisfied my three goals of research, teaching, and international education program development."

Julee Holcombe, Associate Professor of Arts, COLA ~ China
"... I was able to observe their teaching styles, explore the local culture and photograph the local landscape, people, and architecture."

Lina Lee, professor of Spanish, COLA ~ Italy
"...the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL)...took place at the University of Padova...I learned how to develop a platform along with instructional modules and training videos of language teachers and learners."