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Academic Year 2019-2020

MD Shadd Mahmud, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (CEPS) ~ United Kingdom
To form strategic connections within multiple universities and to give a research presentation at the University of Oxford and a seminar at the University of Surrey.

Shawna Hollen, Assistant Professor, Physics (CEPS) ~ Switzerland
To take advantage of an opportunity to do hands-on work in a colleague's lab at Universität Zürich and to present at the international conference "Graphene 2019" in Italy.

Melinda Negrόn-Gonzales, Associate Professor, Business, Politics, and Security Studies (UNHM) ~ Turkey
To present a paper “Three Decades of Seeking Justice for the Disappeared in Turkey" and conduct interviews with activists for a book project on human rights activism in Turkey.

Becky Sideman, Full Extension State Specialist/Professor, Cooperative Extension (COLSA) ~ France
To attend the International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Managment for Innovative Greenhouses and present papers discussing research results relating to low-technology greenhouse production and season extension techniques.

Sherine Elsawa, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences, COLSA ~ Egypt
To work with a colleague at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority and present a research seminar on the tumor environment in cancer.

Academic Year 2017-2018

Daniel Seichepine, Assistant Professor, Neuropsychology (UNHM) ~ Brazil 
I lectured on the neuropsychology of neurodegenerative disorders and dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, at the Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste (Midwestern State University).

Julia Rodriguez, Associate Professor, History (COLA) ~ Spain and France
I presented a paper and co-organized two panels at the International Congress of Americanists meeting and was able to complete archival research for my book project.

Susan Curry, Lecturer, Classics, Humanities, & Italian Sudies (COLA) ~ United Kingdom
I spent six weeks in London as an Academic Visitor in the Faculty of Classics at Oxford University and acquired knowledge and resources necessary for the creation of three courses in Medical Humanitites.

Thomas Ballestero, Director, UNH Stormwater Center (CEPS) ~ Brazil
I was invited by the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (DEHA) to teach a stormwater course at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) for professionals from throughout Brazil.

Jessica Ernakovich, Assistant Professor in Natural Resources and the Environment (COLSA) ~ Sweden
I joined UNH Professor Ruth Varner's summer field campaign to Abisko, Sweden to study climate change on the landscape.

Ileana Chirila, Assistant Professor of French (COLA) ~ France
I visited the CIEE study center in Toulouse to explore the possibility of  a faculty-led, short study abroad program and was able to complete the proposal.

Amy Boylan, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, COLA ~ Italy
Nicole Gercke, Lecturer in Italian Studies, COLA ~ Italy

We explored an institutional relationship with the Cineteca di Bologna with the goals of creating research opportunities for UNH faculty, creating study abroad and internship opportunities for UNH students, and establishing UNH and Seacoast NH as as a host for the Cineteca's annual traveling film festival.

Alecia Magnifico, Assistant Professor of English, COLA ~ United Kingdom
I presented papers at three different events and locations in the UK, collaborating with UNH Professor Christina Ortmeier-Hooper and colleagues from the University of Rochester and the University of Sydney, Australia.

Assaf Benchetrit, Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance, COLA ~ Israel
I was invited to perform as a guest artist and to choreograph an original work for the Jerusalem Ballet Company, the largest professional ballet company in the capital of Israel.

Lisa Jones, Research Associate Professor, COLA - Switzerland
A colleague and I extended and expanded on work that we "...have done developing program evaluation resources for NGOs addressing children's exposure to violence in low and middle income counties."

Amy VanCamp, Clinical Assistant Professor, CHHS - Uganda
...I traveled to Uganda with the primary focus of exploring international fieldwork with Hope of Children and Women (HOCW) and to visit various medical, social and educational institutions.

Julie Bryce, Professor of Geochemistry, CEPS - Iceland
Professor Bryce travelled to Iceland to enhance connections with the Institute for Earth Sciences, to feel out the potential for future student exchange and to participate in an international drilling project.

Eshan Dave, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEPS - England
Professor Dave travelled to Nottingham to organize and participate in international meetings at the University of Nottingham. Presentations given and shared centered on the subject of asphalt pavement.

BoRin Kim, Assistant Professor of Social Work, COLA - South Korea
Professor Kim attended the Korea Health Panel conference, had collaborative meetings with scholars from Seoul National University and was a guest lecturer, and visited medical social workers at the Seoul National University Hospital.

Gene Harkless, Chair and Associate Professor of Nursing, CHHS - Nepal
Dr. Harkless, Dr. Kerryellen Vroman, and Dr. Geeta Pfau made an exploratory trip to Kathmandu Valley to evaluate health and other related services and identify potential partnerships for developing UNH/CHHS student service learning experiences in Nepal.

Young Jo Kim, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, CEPS - South Korea
Professor Kim visited two universities and two industries to network by giving talks and meeting with researchers to discuss lithium purification from brine as well as queous energy storage systems.