Basic Needs Week

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We all face unanticipated challenges during our lives. Sometimes these challenges include fundamental issues of food insecurity, housing and other financial concerns. Our goal for this week of events is to promote various resources available to our UNH community through our wonderful campus and community partners. We also hope to provide education around the challenges so many of our students and community members face. This week of program will highlight the ways that we can all contribute to a community of support for all at UNH.

Join us to learn more about how to get involved, opportunities to volunteer or connections to resources available to students, faculty and staff at UNH.

Week of Events (March 25-29th, 2024) 

Monday March 25th

Dangers of Empathy 
12:30-1:30 MUB 334/336 (Bring your own lunch) 
Presented by Patty Mathison, Basic Needs Coordinator and Case Manager 

Have you ever heard the expression, “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” T.S. Eliot? In this presentation, we will examine the dangers of empathy and how sometimes the best of intentions can be unintentionally harmful. We will examine volunteerism/donations through the lens of critical service, which puts the community as the experts and allows for community driven response.  

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SHARPP Survivor Support Space:  Facilitated discussion on intimacy and relationships.

Monday, March 25, 6-7:30 pm, Thrive Kitchen, Hamel Rec Center
Hosted by UNH Health & Wellness and SHARPP

Explore intimacy and relationships after being harmed can be a challenging time.  Join SHARPP and Health & Wellness for a conversation/exploration about how we think about and approach this.

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Tuesday March 26th 

Connections Peer Support 
9:30-10:30am, MUB 330 

Hosted by Connections Peer Support 


Connections Peer Support is a non-clinical mental health organization that supports Seacoast community members through peer support. Members regularly participating at Connections Peer Support Center report fewer hospitalizations, fewer mental health crises, and improved quality of life. This is what recovery looks like. 

Join Connections Peer Support for a conversation about the framework of peer support and how it can be utilized in the world of mental health recovery. 

Basic Needs Resource Fair 
11-2pm, Strafford Room in the MUB 

Co-Sponsored with generosity from the Office of International Students and Scholars, UNH Parking and Transportation and Gather Food Repurposing Program 

Stop by the Strafford Room on Tuesday March 26th to meet with campus and community partners to learn about the many resources available to students, faculty and staff. Partners will share ways to get involved, ways to support individuals in New Hampshire and the surrounding areas and resources available. We will offer breakout spaces that can allow for private conversations with some of these providers!

Representatives from the following organizations will be present: Department of Health and Human Services, Gather (for a Hunger-Free community), Waypoint, Echo Thrift Shop, NH Youth Success Project, Wildcats for Recovery, SHARPP, UNH LIbrary, UNH Manchester, NH Mutual Aid Relief Fund (NHMARF), Greater Seacoast Community Health, Connections Peer Support, Office of National Fellowships, NH Food Bank, UNH Health and Wellness, NH Youth Movement UNH, 603 Legal Aid, Career and Professional Success, NH Hunger Solutions, Community Action Partnership of Strafford County, NH Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) , Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire, New Generation

Tour the Cats' Cupboard Food Pantry 
11-2pm in MUB 140A (regular hours are 4-7pm Monday-Friday) 

Stop into the Cats' Cupboard to learn more about what we offer, what items we may need and ways you can become involved! This will happen concurrently with the Fair and we hope you will stop by both! You are welcome to take food with you as you tour, but note the Cupboard will open again at 4pm later that day if you would like to come back. Please bring your own reusable bags! 

Wednesday March 27th

Pantry Snacks
Wednesday,  March 27,  11:30-2:00 PM– MUB Info Table
Hosted by UNH Health & Wellness 

Explore the delicious possibilities with our pantry staple table. Discover creative snack ideas crafted from pantry staples, transforming basic ingredients into delicious and nutritious bites.

Thursday March 28th 

Taste the Rainbow- ThirsTEA Thursday in the Beauregard Center 
Drop in between 11-2pm, Beauregard Center (MUB 120) 

Join the Beauregard Center every other Thursday for a brain break with snacks, drinks, and fun activities. As part of Basic Needs Week we will be creating edible rainbows through fresh fruit. Come learn about the benefits of the many natural colors in fresh fruit and create your own edible rainbow! 

Tree of Power 
4-5:00pm MUB 330/332

Join us in a workshop called Tree of Power, which is a tool that student organizers all over the nation use in social justice trainings. The Tree of Power is geared towards helping us understand that in order to create lasting change, we need to understand and shift the underlying power structures that support these problems. By the end of this activity, participants will be able to:  

  • Identify symptoms of systems of power and institutions that maintain/perpetuate them 

  • Articulate the root causes of social issues and understand the concept of intersectionalit

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Exploring Scholarships and Fellowships: How to find and apply for funding
5-6pm MUB 336 

Hosted by Leigh Pratt, Office of National Fellowships 

Fellowships and scholarships provide funding for many things, including your UNH tuition, study abroad experience, graduate school, research, and more! Join Leigh Pratt from the Office of National Fellowships for an overview of various fellowships, including where to look for funding, how to develop strong applications, and how to ask for letters of recommendation when needed.

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Additional Events

Financial Literacy Month - Throughout March 

Financial Literacy/Wellness Resources (UNH Library)  
Dimond Library 

Come check out the display in the lobby of Dimond Library throughout the month of March. You can take away handouts with information on improving credit, building savings, managing debt, as well as money smart tips that link to a UNH Library research guide on financial literacy. 

Be sure to check out the UNH Library Financial Resource Guide for tons of great resources

March 13: Recovery Ally Training for Students 

MUB Entertainment Center, 2:30-4pm 

Hosted by Wildcats for Recovery 

Come learn to be an advocate and ally for people struggling with substance use or in recovery. Help confront stigma and learn to better support a roommate, friend, family member, or others.
All students welcome – no experience or personal connection to recovery required.
Join us to learn about: ► Understanding Addiction & Recovery/ Why People Use
► Recovery Friendly Language ► Supports on Campus and Other Resource

April is E-Waste Collection Month 

Office of Sustainability: More information to come soon! 

April 1-24, 2024: Food Solutions New England's Annual Challenge: 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

The FSNE 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge is simple! You commit to deepening your understanding of, and willingness to confront, racism for twenty-one consecutive days in April  of each year and the Racial Equity Challenge will:

  • Raise your awareness, change your understanding and shift the way you behave.

  • Go beyond individual or interpersonal racism by helping to demystify structural and institutional racism and white supremacist patterns that are sometimes invisible to people.
  • Inspire you to act, on your own or with others in your organization, business, or group, to dismantle these systems, to make changes in your work and the world that can build true equity and justice for all.

For more information and to register for this event please visit:

April 17: Meal Prep with the Food Repurposing Program (Gather) 

110 Barton Hall teaching kitchen, 11-1pm 

Hosted and Sponsored by Emily Gaddis, Food Repurposing Program 

Come join the Food Repurposing Program, a collaboration between Gather, COLSA and UNH Dining for a fun cooking class delving into the "secret language" of the kitchen. Ever puzzled over the difference between a dash and a pinch? What are the common/basic kitchen tools to always have on hand? Together we will learn how to make minimal meal prep that can stretch into other meals throughout the week. Food and all materials will be provided!  

April 18: Recovery Ally Training for Faculty and Staff

MUB 330/332, 12:40-2pm 
Hosted by Wildcats for Recovery 

Come learn to be an advocate and ally for people struggling with substance use or in recovery. Help confront stigma and learn to better support a partner, friend, family member, or others. All students welcome – no experience or personal connection to recovery required. Join us to learn about: ► Understanding Addiction & Recovery/ Why People Use ► Recovery Friendly Language ► Supports on Campus and Other Resources