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Thank you for considering a workshop from the Basic Needs Programs at UNH! Please note the following before requesting a workshop:

    • We offer in-person and virtual workshops. Note: The group must be all in person or all virtual- we find that it does not work well to have some of the group in person and some virtual.
    • Minimum attendance of 10 is required. If you are requesting a presentation for a student organization or residence hall, we ask that you make pre-registration available. 
    • Requests should be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of your preferred date. Due to limited staff resources, we may not be able to accommodate requests that do not have a two week lead time.

    Please complete our Presentation/Workshop Request Form 

    Workshop Descriptions: 

    Brief Basic Needs overview (10-20 minutes) 

    Dangers of Empathy (60 minutes) In this presentation, we examine the dangers of empathy and how sometimes the best of intentions can be unintentionally harmful. We will explore volunteerism/donation efforts through the lens of critical service, which puts the community as the experts and allows for community driven response. 

    Playspent Activity (45-60 minutes) This is an interactive presentation utilizing the online game Spent to engage in a conversation around class, financial decision making, and awareness of the challenges so many US citizens are facing. 

    Tree of Power (75 minutes) : The Tree of Power is an interactive workshop geared towards helping us understand that in order to create lasting change, we need to understand and shift the underlying power structures that support these problems. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Identify symptoms related to systems of power and the institutions that maintain/perpetuate them
    • Articulate the root causes of social issues and understand the concept of intersectionality

    Financial Wellness (TBD): 

    Why is it so difficult to ask for help? (45-60 minutes): "Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed." Hermann Melville 

    Let's face it - money matters can be challenging. Many people may feel like asking for help with their finances is an admission of failure. This perception is fueled by societal stigma, which wrongly associates financial difficulties with personal shortcomings. This can create a wall of shame that stops people from seeking help. In this workshop, we will examine the obstacles embedded within asking for help, where this comes from,  how this is tied to a larger stigma around asking for help and assistance, and identifying ways to debunk these myths and create a culture of support