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BCoE Announces 2017 Research RFP

The University of New Hampshire’s Broadband Center of Excellence (BCoE) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the UNH community seeking input around the topic of Smart Sensors.

 The $100,000 grant associated with the RFP will fund projects that investigate the use of smart sensor technologies interconnected by broadband networks to provide benefits to rural or disadvantaged communities, or address major societal concerns. Deadline for submissions is February 3, 2017.

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 Q1 2017 Published RFP 

BCoE is requesting proposals for an available grant on the topic of Smart Sensors. Smart Sensors collect and process data of a defined nature and communicate it to a remote host application. The application can address numerous issues and topics but BCoE is particularly interested in those that can provide an engineering, technical, and/or socio-economic benefit to rural and/or disadvantaged communities.  Additionally, the BCoE is interested in relevant policy studies that could inform decision-making.

A total of $100,000 is available to fund winning proposals and each project will be funded for one year.  Continuation requests based on project performance will be considered in year 2. 

BCoE 2017 Research RFP

Water Quality Monitoring

UNH's Broadband Center of Excellence (BCoE) has awarded two grants to UNH researchers: One to a team who will bring the Internet of Things to water quality monitoring in the city of Nashua, and one to researchers who will create sensors to sample magnetic fields in the Arctic.

BCoE Previously Awarded Grants


The grant for 2016 from UNH’s Broadband Center of Excellence to an interdisciplinary team of university researchers showcases innovation in broadband technology and data analytics. But perhaps the most compelling outcome of the $75,000 grant is its goal to make parking on campus easier. Read more....

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