TV White Space: Ready for Prime Time?

composite of an eye and radio waves

Major figures in the Internet economy have high hopes to use TV White Space (TVWS) frequencies to deliver wireless broadband Internet connectivity over long distances and extended areas -- the so-called "Super Wi-Fi" medium.

Beginning in September 2013 and in association with the Gigabit Libraries Network, UNH BCoE completed a four-month trial of TVWS technology in Durham, N.H., that provided Internet connectivity for two libraries and the UNH InterOperability Laboratory (IOL), a nationally known technology testing facility.

Results of the trial, along with a broader description of TVWS  origins, technology foundation and exclusive financial models for TVWS deployment are published in our white paper: “TVWS Phase 1 Report” It explores early potential of TVWS spectrum as a medium for broadband Internet delivery. In addition the article “Implementing TVWS network: suggested approaches” provides some important “lessons learned” from the Phase 1 deployment and hopefully can provide guidance to an organization deploying a TVWS based network.

Here's UNH BCoE Executive Director Rouzbeh Yassini on the promise of using TV White Space frequencies to extend the range of broadband networks: