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About BCoE

UNH BCoE is a working, visitor-friendly showcase and resource organization whose goals are to enable all – government, universities, communities and industry participants – to use broadband as a tool to create economic growth, societal improvements and business success. The Center leverages UNH resources, research and technology expertise, and process and policy tools to support advances in broadband services and capabilities. UNH BCoE conducts research and outreach, and offers education and public policy insight in this pursuit.

UNH BCoE is led by cable modem pioneer Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini and technology experts who were the early pioneers in the development of broadband technologies. UNH is a university community that is at the forefront of broadband technologies and is home to the UNH InterOperability Laboratory, a world-recognized independent networking and data communications testing facility.


The Present & Future of Connectivity