TV White Space Planning Worksheets

TV White Space Deployment Assessment Worksheets

UNH BCoE has developed downloadable Excel financial models to assist in assessment and planning for TVWS implementations and has made them available on the BCoE website. User configurable Profit and Loss statements for either commercial or municipal deployments have the flexibility to address the types of segmented serving areas normally surrounding base/transmission facilities:

  • An urban area that is closest to the base station and transmitting antenna and is served by higher-order QAM modulation.
  • A suburban area farther from the base station served by a modulation scheme that provides a tradeoff between performance and robustness.
  • A rural serving area served by a modulation scheme producing lower performance but improved robustness.


Assumptions and Notes

  • The model is designed based on a five-year return on investment horizon.
  • The usage model determines the communications infrastructure required as the subscriber penetration grows over the five-year period.
  • The cost model supports budgetary pricing for current generation as well as next-generation equipment; in the examples shown in this report, next-generation pricing is incorporated.
  • The cost model supports a definable subscriber penetration and growth over the five-year period.
  • Reflecting that each TVWS deployment is unique, most parameters are programmable including operating expenses, equipment costs, depreciation schedules, topology configuration, subscriber penetration and growth.
  • Parameters can be tailored to specific demographic and topological requirements to fit individual circumstances..
  • The usage model uses aggregate monthly consumption data per subscriber derived from the Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report for fixed access in North America.
  • Based on area of coverage demographics programmed into the examples below, the system will support 726 subscriber locations at year five growing from 73 in year one. Actual deployments will vary.
  • Nothing herein shall constitute financial advice or be relied on as such.