Recent Stories

  • UNH 150th Anniversary photo collage
    - One Hundred and Fifty Remarkable Wildcats
    One hundred and fifty years ago, on July 7, 1866, New Hampshire Governor Frederick Smyth signed an act creating the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, the... Read More
  • Tyler Simpson and Vernon Carter
    - Talking About The Hard Issues
    Current events serve as a reminder of just how crucial these discussions — and courses — are to society. Read More
  • Two maps of Michigan show likely locations of monuments
    - Michigan's Mystery Monuments
    Merging an innovative modeling technique with old-fashioned sleuthing, researchers from the University of New Hampshire have shed new light on the mystery of pre-European... Read More
  • UNH professor Ellen Fitzpatrick
    - Summer Reading
    "The Highest Glass Ceiling" makes The Washington Post's list. Read More
  • A NAFIS staff photo including UNH alumna Jocelyn Bissonnette
    - Working for a Cause
    When Jocelyn Bissonnette ’09 was graduating, the economy was in upheaval. It was not a good time to be entering the workforce. Bissonnette, however, had a job waiting for her when... Read More
  • The producers and consulting producers of "Shadows Fall North"
    - Reclaiming Our History
    The first novel published by an African-American woman. A burial ground lost for decades beneath a city street. An eloquent petition from a group of enslaved men seeking freedom... Read More
  • Stoneface Brewing Co.
    - Crafting a Career Out of Beer 1999, when Peter Beauregard ’00 won over a sullen coworker with one of his homebrewed six-packs, the thought occurred to him that he might... Read More
  • June Gong Chin '58
    - The Reluctant Beauty Queen
    The first beauty pageant that June Gong Chin ’58 won earned her $500, a portable TV, a transistor radio and 25 pounds of Chinese sausage. Her title: Miss Chinatown New York 1957. Read More
  • UNH alumna Kate Clifford Larson
    - An Unprecedented Moment
    The recent news that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the U.S. Treasury’s $20 bill has received widespread praise. Among those applauding this decision is... Read More
  • SPARK 2016 Research Review - Climate Change
    - SPARK 2016
    Flip through the most recent issue of SPARK, UNH’s annual research review. Read More