Kate Slater

A World Shaped By Race

In the two months since George Floyd was killed by police, protesters have continued to call for change. They might not march every day in every city, but they are still marching. Read More

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    - The Winds of (Climate) Change
    On Thursday, June 18, 2015, Pope Francis made history in an encyclical — a papal letter that is distributed to all bishops in the Roman Catholic Church — entitled “Laudato Si,” in... Read More
  • David Finkelhor
    - UNH Expert Weighs In On Duggar Drama
    David Finkelhor, director of the UNH Crimes Against Children Research CenterWhen news broke that the Duggar family — known for their TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" as well as... Read More
  • One to Watch
    - One to Watch
    If you were anywhere near Durham the day of commencement in May, you may have heard some loud chanting among the speeches and applause of the joyous occasion. That was Peter... Read More
  • yvette george with student
    - Yvette Olivia George ’71
    UNH degree: Bachelor's, history (later a master's in African American studies, Boston University)Currently lives in: Houston, Texas Please share highlights of your career or... Read More
  • Greg Banks with student
    - Gregory J. Banks ’74
    UNH degree: Bachelor's, historyCurrently lives in: Englewood, N.J. Read More
  • Warren Hardy Scott ’73
    - Warren Hardy Scott ’73
    UNH degrees: Natural science and chemistryCurrently lives in: Muscle Shoals, Alabama Please share highlights of your career or occupational experiences. Firefighters, paramedic,... Read More
  • Edward Bruce Bynum with student
    - Edward Bruce Bynum ’70
    UNH degree: Bachelor's, psychologyCurrently lives in: Pelham, Mass. Please share highlights of your career or occupational experiences. I graduated from UNH and went on to earn a... Read More
  • Lawrence Woods with student
    - Lawrence Woods ’72
    UNH degree: Full-time student 1968- 1972, complete final nine credits in 1975. In 1975, earned a bachelor of arts degree with a major in History and a minor in sociology. In 1979... Read More
  • joseph hill with student
    - Joseph Hill ’73
    Currently lives in: Middletown, Delaware Sgt. Hill served with India Company, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines in Vietnam from 1966-67. His awards include: Purple Heart, Purple Heart... Read More
  • Yusuf Ali El with student
    - Yusuf Ali El ’72
    UNH degree: Bachelor's, sociologyLives in: Northwest Indiana What advice would you give to current UNH students of color, or any students, based on what you learned while at UNH,... Read More