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A row of students wearing backpacks walk away from the camera. They wear winter jackets. The ground is covered by dead leaves.

Hike More, See More Trees, Worry Less

New research at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station seeks to better understand how our mood and mental wellbeing changes in biologically diverse environments and whether hiking on trails with greater and more diverse animal and plant life improves psychological health benefits. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Download the NHAES 2022 Inspired Horticultural Research Report today!
    - Download the NHAES 2022 Inspired Horticultural Research Report today!
    The latest edition of the NH Agricultural Experiment Station’s Inspired magazine and research report is here! The latest edition explores station research into horticulture... Read More
  • A photo of researchers Jeff Garnas (left) and Matt Vadeboncoeur
    - Forest Impacts
    What impact do nonnative pests and diseases have on the vegetation of the Northern Forest? How will climate change impact the range of the northern red oak, especially within the... Read More
  • Professor Russ Congalton holding up his AmericaView Lifetime Achievement Award
    - A Lifetime Achievement
    Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment Russell Congalton has spent close to half a century researching and teaching geographic information systems (GIS), remote... Read More
  • Montage photos of trees with their root systems
    - Getting to the Root of the Matter
    Study by graduate student finds roots comprise almost a third of total tree biomass. Read More
  • Graduate student Allison Leach in front of a research poster
    - Grad Honors
    A UNH doctoral student has received AASHE's Campus Sustainability Research Award. Read More
  • cyanobacteria research on NH lake
    - UNH Researchers Invent Low-Cost Method to Monitor Lakes for Airborne Toxins
    [image caption]  Doctoral student Amanda Murby monitors a lake aerosol collection system developed by UNH researchers on Lake Christine in Stark. Aerosolized cyanobacteria cells... Read More
  • Chris Whitney
    - California Dreamin'
    The UNH booth, hosted here by Tara Hicks Johnson, outreach specialist at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, was a popular destination for would-be graduate students and... Read More
  • New Hampshire State Champ American chestnut tree
    - No Chestnuts To Roast on an Open Fire
    New Englanders searching the woods for chestnuts to roast on an open fire this holiday season will be hard pressed to find a mature American chestnut tree bearing nuts. American... Read More
  • University of New Hampshire
    - Not Just the Heat, It’s the Humans
    When it comes to adapting to the changing environment of the Great Basin in the North American West, for small mammals, warming associated with climate change is only part of the... Read More
  • UNH professor Larry Hamilton
    - Climate Change Cooperation
    Leaders from across the globe have convened in Paris for COP21, the United Nations’ climate summit, where they are working toward a “strong climate agreement.” Here at UNH,... Read More