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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

illustration of John Irving
John Irving ’65

What in the world can you do with a liberal arts education?

Amidst questions about the value of a liberal arts education in dollars and cents, The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted “a little-noticed bright spot in the earnings picture for humanities and social-sciences majors.” As careers progress, the research shows, liberal arts graduates are earning at a rate that is approximately three percent higher than their peers in several other fields, and a National Association of College and Employers survey found that the top traits employers are seeking are “hallmarks of a traditional liberal-arts education: teamwork, clear writing, problem-solving aptitude and strong oral communications.”

So what can you do with that liberal arts degree? If the latest research and the paths taken by these UNH alumni are any indication, the answer is “succeed.” From Academy Award winners to governors, from composers to military commanders, UNH’s College of Liberal Arts has been the training ground for some truly exceptional individuals.

1) John Irving ’65: American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter (BA English)

2) Natalie Jacobson ’65: Boston-area news anchor.  (BA English)

3) Marcy Peterson Carsey ’66:  Emmy-winning television producer (BA English)

4) Richard Whitney ’68: Nationally recognized portrait artist (BA Fine Arts)

5) John Lynch ’74: Governor of New Hampshire from 2005–2013 (BA English, PoliSci)

6) Lori Robinson ’81: First female officer to head a global war command (BA English)

7) Mike O’Malley ’88: Emmy-nominated actor and playwright (BA Theatre)

8) Shawn Gorman ’89: LL Bean chairman of the board (BA English)

9) Jay McSharry ’90: Owner of Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café (BA Communication)

10) Tim Janis ’91: Composer who has collaborated with Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Ray Charles and Andre Previn (BA Music Theory)

11) Jennifer Lee ’92: Academy Award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker (BA English) 

12) Jared Cassedy ’04: Grammy Award-winning music teacher (BA Music, Music Education)


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