Recent Stories

  • Kids outside at the CDSC
    - Teaching the Teachers
    Learning looks like child’s play at the Child Study and Development Center     Read More
  • HP Hood &Son memorabilia
    - Who Knew?
    After 150 years, you’d expect a few stories. Like the one about when real wildcats (the UNH mascot) were brought to football games. And the fact that not one but two alumni have... Read More
  • UNH professor Murray Straus
    - Remembering Murray Straus
    Campus and community members are invited to a Sept. 22 memorial honoring his life and work. Read More
  • UNH 150th Anniversary photo collage
    - One Hundred and Fifty Remarkable Wildcats
    One hundred and fifty years ago, on July 7, 1866, New Hampshire Governor Frederick Smyth signed an act creating the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, the... Read More
  • Robert Morin illustration
    - The Mysterious Gifts of Robert Morin
    For many who frequented Dimond Library in the past few decades, the short balding man who stood outside the entrance — always smoking a pipe, dressed in a ragged sweater vest and... Read More
  • Members of the UNH soccer team
    - Soccer’s New Star
    The men's soccer program has signed a new member: Exeter High School freshman Lucas Currier, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and is part of Northeast Passage’s... Read More
  • Class of 2020 Infographic
    - The Class of 2020: By the Numbers
    Emily and Nicholas are in the house. Here’s a look at the new freshman class. Read More
  • Ripple Effect Mapping
    - Making Waves
    Nonprofit organizations that lack the capacity and expertise to conduct complex evaluations struggle to capture and communicate the impacts of their programs and initiatives.  Read More
  • UNH's new outdoor pool
    - Cool Times
    Read More
  • Archaeologists on site at Durham Point dig
    - Digging Durham Point
    UNH archaeologists and community volunteers head to a site on Durham Point to look for clues about fortified garrisons that existed in the area around the time European settlers... Read More