Climate Change

Flooded road blocked with yellow tape and "high water" sign

Pounding the Pavement

New research from UNH shows that thicker asphalt could extend the life cycle of roads — and save money — as the effects of climate change stress them. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Ryan Cassotto in Greenland
    - Glacial Race
    Courtesy Photo It only sounds like a joke: When the world’s fastest-moving glacier sped up in the summer of 2012 – suddenly surging from Greenland’s west coast at four times its... Read More
  • students on moore fields tower
    - State of Flux
    Lucie Lepine and Frankie Sullivan on the Moore Fields tower preparing for instrument installation. Photo by Andrew Ouimette, UNH-EOS. Since 2003, the Bartlett Experimental Forest... Read More
  • earth from space
    - Back to the Future
    This image shows a future view of the world in equilibrium at 2,000 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide (current level is 393 ppm). Sea level is higher by some 260... Read More
  • vikki rodgers
    - Schooled Here, Alum Wins Teaching Excellence Prize at Babson College
    Vikki Rodgers studying how plants respond to climate change at the Boston Area Climate Experiment in Waltham, MA. (Photo credit: Webb Chapel). As an undergraduate studying biology... Read More
  • alaska mountains
    - Seven Hundred Feet Down, a Thousand Years Back
    UNH, Dartmouth College, UMaine ice core drill site on the Mt. Hunter plateau in Denali National Park, Alaska. The drill site is in the middle of the photograph, just left of the... Read More
  • ocean buoy
    - The Yin and Yang of Coastal Carbon
    UNH carbon dioxide sentinel buoy off Appledore Island after January 2013 Nor'easter. Photo by Shawn Shellito, UNH-EOS. Back in the spring of 2004, when the Center for Coastal... Read More
  • serita freg
    - Serita Frey’s Research Probes Climate Change’s Impact on Soils
    Thanks to the past year’s wild weather, we’re all aware of the impact of climate change on humans and our built environment – homes, roads, rivers, farms, bridges. A new paper in... Read More
  • jo lamprey on the beach with her two dogs
    - Preserving the Good Life
    When a pond where philanththropist Jo Lamprey used to harvest ice as a child rarely freezes over anymore, she knows something needs to be done. Read More
  • view of earth from space
    - Researcher Finds that Politics May Trump Facts on View of Climate Change
    For some people, scientific facts help determine what they believe about an issue. But for others, political views trump scientific facts and determine what information they will... Read More
  • tori ward holding snow in summer in sweden
    - An Arctic Summer
    Working 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, two student researchers learn valuable lessons about the study of climate change—and the world of science itself.  Read More