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  • Kate Cart and other members of UNH Engineers Without Borders in Peru
    - Bio Without Borders
    Kate Cart (at left, holding dog) in Peru with other members of the UNH Engineers Without Borders Read More
  • Mary Currie ’76
    - A View From the Bridge
    Mary Currie ’76 retired earlier this year, but she went out on top. For 22 years, Currie served as chief spokesperson for a single, celebrity client: San Francisco’s fabled Golden... Read More
  • laura van beaver
    - Science Can Be Slow – Like Brewing a Good Cup of Tea
    Laura Van Beaver makes notes about her research on how to engineer a better cup of decaffeinated tea. Tea drinkers will tell you it can be hard to find a really good... Read More
  • student studying carpenter bees
    - A Bee on the Brink
    What’s going on inside your rose stems might surprise you. Open one up and you might find an insect, or two or three, in various stages of growth, nestled within the walls. The... Read More
  • Floyd Jackson
    - Prof
    Floyd Jackson could do just about anything. Skin a mouse with surgical precision, make wine, explore the northern wilderness by dog sled, change lives. He started by remaking his... Read More
  • Hawaiian Bobtail Squid
    - Odd Couple
    Photo: Cheryl Whistler is enchanted by her research subject, the Hawaiian bobtail squid. When she describes the petite sea creature, it’s easy to see why. About the... Read More
  • UNH bee hotel
    - Ancient Buzz
    When the dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago, they left clues behind, their fossils scattered around the world in bits and pieces and, sometimes, entire skeletons. From the... Read More
  • ben claxton
    - Pre-Med, With Feeling
    Why would anyone leave Chocolatetown, U.S.A., for a state that brags about granite? For Hershey, Penn., native Ben Claxton ’14, the lure was the lab. Specifically, the opportunity... Read More
  • yellow pumpkin named Sunlight
    - The Great (Yellow and White) Pumpkin
    There’s a new pumpkin in the patch and consumers have Brent Loy to thank. A professor of plant biology and genetics, Loy is a plant breeder. During his 45 years doing research at... Read More
  • moose infected by ticks
    - Tick, Tick, Moose
    Up to 100,000 winter ticks can live on a moose, causing severe hair loss and reduced reproductive productivity. Photo courtesy Daniel Bergeron In New Hampshire, the mighty moose... Read More