Biological Sciences

Students work on the plasmid toolbox

A Hypothesis, a Collaboration and a Solution

It isn’t often that an entire class of undergraduate students has an opportunity to fill a scientific knowledge gap that may eventually lead to the design of better drugs or treatment strategies. But this year, a group of students in COLSA’s Molecular Biology Research Methods course (BMCB 754/BCHM... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Dr. Sue Cooke with UNH Manchester students
    - Faculty Spotlight: Sue Cooke ’94, ’04G, Biological Sciences
    Since joining the UNH Manchester faculty in 2013, Dr. Sue Cooke, lecturer of biological sciences, has designed courses that not only appeal to her students’ interests, but also... Read More
  • Aerial view of river with researchers working on sandbar
    - Research Snapshot: Protecting Smelt
    On a sandbar in the Squamscott River in Exeter, UNH researchers and collaborators from New Hampshire Fish and Game and Coastal Research Volunteers collect rainbow smelt caught in... Read More
  • Female researcher scoops into large fish tank with net
    - Research Snapshot: Raising Lumpfish
    At UNH’s Coastal Marine Lab in New Castle, N.H., Elizabeth Fairchild raises and researches lumpfish as a potential pest-management solution for the aquaculture industry. Fairchild... Read More
  • Image of neurons lit up on dark background
    - Brain Monitor
    With a new National Institutes of Health grant, UNH researchers Edward Song and Arturo Andrade will conduct research on the neurotransmitter glutamate that will contribute to our... Read More
  • Madison Oliwa Headshot
    - From Biology Club to Breast Cancer Research
    Madisson Oliwa ’19 graduated from UNH Manchester with a degree in Biotechnology and is currently halfway through her two-year research position at the Breast Tumor Immunology Lab... Read More
  • Professor Sue Cooke and four UNH Manchester students who make up Team Cooke
    - Space Bound
    A team of UNH Manchester students is one of five selected by NASA to send their experiment on soil bacteria mutation to the International Space Station. Read More
  • Sarah Prescott, associate professor of biochemistry at UNH Manchester
    - Advancing Life Science Education
    Associate professor Sarah Prescott has been selected as executive director of the BioQUEST curriculum consortium, a collaborative community empowering life science educators to... Read More
  • Drone image of research tower in forest in autumn
    - Excellence in Citations
    Forty-one current and emeritus UNH researchers are among the world's 100,000 most cited, according to a new study. Read More
  • American Physiological Society Honor
    - American Physiological Society Honor
    Biology professor Patricia Halpin has been elected as chair of the teaching of physiology section for the American Physiological Society. Read More
  • First-Year Mentor Spotlight: Juan Reyes '23
    - First-Year Mentor Spotlight: Juan Reyes '23
    Get to know Juan Reyes '23, one of our orientation and peer assistant leaders who helps incoming first-year students adjust to life at UNH Manchester. Read More