Sunlight through a tree branch on the UNH campus in Durham, NH

Committee on Investor Responsibility

In June 2017, the UNH Foundation's Investment and Finance committee established the Committee on Investor Responsibility. Sustainability is a core value at the University of New Hampshire and it underpins our academics, research and practice. As part of UNH’s ongoing institution-wide commitment to... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Wild bee on a yellow flower
    - What's the Buzz?
    New research from UNH has found a dramatic decline in 14 wild bee species. Read More
  • Bridging the Gap
    - Bridging the Gap
    Two partnerships between UNH and public officials are addressing infrastructure challenges in New Hampshire's Seacoast region. Read More
  • Illustration of a fish, seaweed, mussel
    - Fishing for Fortunes
    From the icy waters of the Gulf of Maine to clean drinking water in East Africa, UNH innovations enhance economic opportunities. Read More
  • Map of coastal town
    - Watershed Wisdom
    When it comes to tackling the complex environmental challenges New Hampshire communities frequently face, developing productive partnerships with academic researchers is often an... Read More
  • Car driving on flooded roadway
    - Climate Change Woes
    UNH professor Jennifer Jacobs was a lead author on the landmark Fourth National Climate Assessment released recently by 13 government agencies. Read More
  • Countryside stream
    - Muddy Waters
    Bill McDowell clarifies what proposed changes to the Clean Water Act could mean. Read More
  • UNH researcher Michael Chambers with a greenhouse-grown shrimp in a net
    - Hyperlocal Shrimp?
    UNH researchers are testing a shrimp aquaculture method that could put the seafood staple back in your fishmonger’s case. Read More
  • Lake Erie beach at sunset
    - Offshore Wind Support
    From boaters to anglers, outdoor recreationalists are surprisingly supportive of offshore wind development, new research from UNH has found. Read More
  • UNH Moments 2018
    - UNH Moments 2018
    Here’s to another great year as the UNH story continues. Read More
  • UNH's Shoals Marine Laboratory
    - The Apple of Their Eye
    A bequest will enhance support for Shoals Marine Lab and UNH. Read More