UNH art history graduate Corinne Long '12 restoring a mural in Hamilton Smith Hall at UNH

A Fine Restoration

Conservationists, including art history graduate Corrine Long '12, are restoring WPA-era murals in Hamilton Smith Hall.  Read More
US Rep. Carol Shea-Porter at the Shoals Marine Lab
Jennifer Seavey (r), executive director of the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, describes research underway on the island to U.S. Rep.... Read More
Olivia Bartlett, a UNH doctoral candidate and Switzer fellow
Olivia Bartlett is the latest UNH student to receive a sought-after Switzer Environmental Fellowship. Read More

Recent Stories

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    - A Deep Dive on a Keystone Species
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  • Associate professor of marketing Shuili Du studies corporate social responsibility.
    - Responsible and Profitable
    Shuili Du explains how doing good positively impacts the bottom line. Read More
  • TunnelBerries strawberry research project at the UNH Woodman Horticultural Research Farm in Durham, NH
    - Strawberries in November
    UNH researchers have succeeded in quadrupling the length of the Granite State’s strawberry growing season. Read More
  • For the Love of Lakes
    - For the Love of Lakes
    UNH researchers and New Hampshire citizen scientists are monitoring the state's freshwater resources, and their work is making a big impact. Read More
  • A Rare Experiment
    - A Rare Experiment
    UNH researchers have launched a multiyear project to investigate the effects of drought on Northeast forests. Read More
  • a New Hampshire river during autumn
    - UNH, Town of Durham Receive Sustainability Award from NHDES
    NHDES has recognized UNH and the town of Durham with Its Source Water Sustainability Award. Read More
  • A UNH student at work in the field
    - UNH in the Top 10
    UNH is one of the top places in the United States to study natural resources and conservation. Read More
  • Flooded road with hazard sign in front
    - Road Scholars
    Rising groundwater can flood roads up to two miles from the ocean, new research from UNH has found.On New Hampshire’s Seacoast, rising seas could cause flooded roads in unexpected... Read More
  • UNH's Meghan Carr '17
    - The Sea Is Her Campus
    Meghan Carr ’17 is no stranger to the plight of sea mammals, and now she's taking her research efforts to the next level. “In September, I will begin graduate school at Dalhousie... Read More
  • UNH's Kathryn Bennett '18
    - A Study in Sustainability Bennett ’18 will be taking her commitment to sustainability on the road this summer through a 2017 Social innovation... Read More