New Student Appointments

The following new students to UNH will schedule appointments with the UAC:

  • New Liberal Arts incoming freshmen
  • Transfer Liberal Arts Undeclared
    • All declared Liberal Arts students should contact their respective major department for Advising
  • Readmit Liberal Arts Undeclared

All other students/colleges should contact their major/college to find out further information.

Schedule an Appointment

  • Log on to myWildcat Success
    • Use your myUNH Username and Password. If you have forgotten it or need to activate it, go to myUNH

Once you log in:

  1. From student home page, select “Get Advising”
  2. Select “University Advising Center” from Advising Category drop down menu
  3. Select “New Student Advisinng - UAC” from Appointment Type drop down menu. Click “Next”
  4. Select “University Advising Center” from Advisor’s Location drop down menu.
  5. For Staff Selection drop down, select your advisor. Click “Next”
  6. Select the next available appointment time block, then the appointment time that best works for you. Click “Next”
  7. Please list your majors of interest and any additional information in the text box, then select “Confirm Appointment”

Checklist to complete before the appointment

  • Research majors/areas of interest
  • Schedule the appointment (details above)
  • Check to see if you have a hold on your account
    • To check holds:
      -Log in to myUNH
      -Select WebCat
      -Select Registration
      -Select View Holds

      • If you have a hold, you will not be able to register
      • You must get this taken care of before the appointment
  • Transfer Students: Also review your transfer credit evaluation
  • Readmit Students: Also review your UNH degree evaluation

AppointmentKendall Hall

  • The appointment will be in Kendall Hall in Durham
  • When you arrive, check in on the third floor, room 317
  • If it is a phone appointment, at the scheduled time, call 603-862-2064