UNH Manchester

Change of Program/Campus to UNH Manchester

UNH students can transfer to UNH Manchester to complete a degree at UNH Manchester. They may wish to do so for financial reasons or to live at home. Students must be in good academic standing to change campuses.  To start this process, students must complete a Change of Program form and then secure the signatures of their current advisor(s) and current dean(s).  Students must then pick up their records from their current advisor(s) and personally  deliver them to UNH Manchester's Academic Counseling Office along with their completed, signed,  Change of Program form. 

Deadline for change of campus

The Change of Program Form should normally be submitted at least 30 days before the semester begins, however, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

Academic Counselors: (603) 641-4170

Admissions Counselors: (603) 641-4150

 UNH Manchester Majors

UNH Manchester also has Associates, Masters, and Certification programs.

Note:  If students are on a leave of absence from UNH-Durham, they cannot take courses at UNH Manchester.

Change of Program/Campus to UNH - Durham

Any student admitted to a Bachelor degree program at UNH Manchester follows the usual change of program process for the major they wish to enter.

International students transferring from UNH Manchester to Durham are required to meet with the Office of International Students and Scholars staff, 315 Conant Hall, 862-1288.