Climate & Emissions

Climate & Emissions
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More than 50% greenhouse gas reductions from baseline


More than 2/3 less GHG-intensive than the average campus

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One of the first campuses to track carbon & nitrogen footprints

Climate & Emissions

UNH has long been a leader in climate and emissions scholarship and operational best practices. UNH was one of the Charter Signatories to the Climate Commitment in 2006. This commitment, in which we are joined by hundreds of other U.S. campuses, commits UNH to a goal of carbon neutrality and requires the University to track and publicly report its carbon footprint and maintain an up-to-date Climate Action Plan (WildCAP). UNH set an ambitious goal of halving our emission between 2001 and 2020 and achieved those reductions before our target date. 

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In addition, UNH also reports air emissions from its cogeneration plant and was one of the first campuses to begin tracking our nitrogen footprint

These leadership efforts have resulted in UNHs creation and stewardship of a tool, SIMAP, used by many other campuses across the US and globe in doing their own emissions tracking

Seeking Community Input on Climate Action!

We are currently seeking comment and input on the elements of WildCAP 2021.

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The UNH Durham campus's climate action plan –called “WildCAP” after the university’s wildcat mascot—consolidates the energy and climate mitigation and adaptation planning and work being done across campus into a coherent framework that guides UNH Durham.

WildCAP is written and implemented by the UNH Energy Task Force (ETF) with input from the campus community. The first version of WildCAP was published in 2009, and an update was issued in 2014. 

In 2019, the ETF began working on an updated WildCAP, to be published in 2021. We are currently seeking comment on the elements of WildCAP 2021.

2021 Info-sessions:
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April 30, 9-10 a.m. REGISTER
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WildCAP 2014 Update

The Energy Task Force updated WildCAP throughout 2013-2014 to take UNH through its first target deadline of 2020. 

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