bus wrapped in sustainability icons

UNH's EcoCat transit fleet begins its next step forward to cleaner transit with new USDOT funding Award!

The University of New Hampshire was awarded $3.5M of federal funds in a recent competitive grant program. The Federal Transit Funds (FTA 5339) will support planning and procurement of our first fully electric transit vehicles, and associated high speed charging infrastructure. The $4M total project scope also includes funds for equipment upgrades at our CNG fueling station to ensure its viable operation for the next decade.

Steve Pesci, Special Projects Director of Facilities developed this grant in coordination with Beverly Cray, Operations Manager of Transportation Services. This is the largest single transportation grant UNH has been awarded in the past twenty five years - although we have a track record of over 40 federal and state transportation awards totaling more than $23M.

The UNH EcoCat fleet program began in 2001 with the introduction of our first CNG vehicle.  In 2006, B20 biodiesel was introduced for our campus diesel fleet.  Last year, UNH transit fleet crossed the >50% CNG threshold (with the rest being B20).  Looking forward, we envision retiring our B20 diesel transit fleet by the next decade in a steady transition to all electric, low and no emission fleet.

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