Campus Initiatives

Sustainability Intern Supports Offices Across Campus to Enact Change 
Maddy Smith ’24 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, works as UNH's Sustainable Office Intern. As an initiative of the Sustainability Instit... Learn More
Matt L'Heureux graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a dual B.S. degree in Environmental & Resource Economics and Sustainability. As UNH... Learn More
UNH's EcoCat transit fleet begins its next step forward to cleaner transit with new USDOT funding Award. Learn More
Sustainability Institute intern Tyler Garcia discusses the UNH MS4 stormwater permit, which limits the number of byproducts in the campus’ discharged ... Learn More
“Did you know?” A series to shine a light on sustainability initiatives, research, and projects across UNH.
2021 UNH Sustainability Award recipient and Professor, Sharyn Potter, continues to work diligently to make our campus a safe place for all students. D... Learn More
Sophie Goodwin ’24 (Sociology and Sustainability, minor in political science), has been working as the UNH Community Equity and Diversity Intern in a ... Learn More
In collaboration with local food pantry, Gather, UNH Dining and campus collaborators are addressing food insecurity and access to healthy foods throug... Learn More
Rebuilding a multidisciplinary community dedicated to cultivating discussions and making an impact on solving key energy issues
The revived UNH Energy Club prioritizes activities that will give club members a well-rounded outlook on the energy industry, making them well-informe... Learn More
UNH Zero Waste Interns contribute to UNH's efforts to minimize waste on campus
UNH Zero Waste Interns contribute to UNH's efforts to minimize waste on campus. Learn More
Dr. Wake reflects on the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, COP26. Learn more about University of New Hampshire's climate and emissions efforts and go... Learn More