Sustainability Education

Each summer exceptional undergraduate students and post-baccalaureates from UNH and across the United States are paired with municipal, educational, c... Learn More
Sustainability Intern Supports Offices Across Campus to Enact Change 
Maddy Smith ’24 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, works as UNH's Sustainable Office Intern. As an initiative of the Sustainability Instit... Learn More
Jocelyne Bisson
Jocelyne Bisson has spent this year studying in the Peter T. Paul School of Business and Economics with an interest in sustainability. She was drawn t... Learn More
Katie Rascoe '22 | Business Administration, Marketing and Sustainability Dual Major
Katie Rascoe ’22 embraced learning about sustainable business through her UNH education and a range of hands-on experiences, giving her the knowledge,... Learn More
Sustainability Institute intern Tyler Garcia discusses the UNH MS4 stormwater permit, which limits the number of byproducts in the campus’ discharged ... Learn More
Being given the opportunity to reflect on such a transformative year, Maddy Roy ‘22 Social Work, Human Development and Family Studies, details her exp... Learn More
The Sustainability Advocates program is a residence hall peer-to-peer education and engagement program that aims to encourage sustainable thought and ... Learn More
Sophie Goodwin ’24 (Sociology and Sustainability, minor in political science), has been working as the UNH Community Equity and Diversity Intern in a ... Learn More
Through Semester in the City, Masami had a transformative internship experience with FamilyAid, Boston’s largest service provider for homeless familie... Learn More
Did you know UNH utilizes disability data to make campus more accessible?  
Through the SITC @ UNH program, Sawyer Rogers 22’ interned with the UNH Institute on Disability to provide more access and understanding of disability... Learn More