Tuition and Fees 2020


  • $471 per credit, NH residents
  • $518 per credit, nonresidents

    Continuing Education tuition rates apply during Summer Session. 


  • $550 per credit, NH residents
  • $605 per credit, nonresidents

    Continuing Education tuition rates apply during Summer Session.

*Note: Some graduate programs have different tuition rates which apply for all semesters, including Summer Session and January Term. Please see individual program page for details.

Continuing Graduate Enrollment:

  • $200 (GRAD 800)
  • For Math, English and College Teaching MST students only.

Continuing Master's Research

  • $500 (GRAD 900)

Doctoral Research - 999

  • $1,000

UNH Manchester Graduate Tuition rates

GI Bill Benefits


  • Registration Fee: $20
    (A non-refundable registration fee will be assessed once each semester for all courses taken in Manchester and/or Durham.)
  • Non-Degree Student Services Fee: $15
    (Non-Matriculated Students)
  • Degree Student Services Fee: 138.00*
    (Matriculated Students)
  • Any special course fees payable at time of registration, if applicable.
  • Technology Fee: (A technology fee will be assessed once each semester for all courses taken in Manchester and/or Durham.)
    Undergraduate Degree Students:
    1-4 credits: $26.00
    5-11 credits: $51.25
    12 or more credits: $102.50
    Undergraduate Non-Degree Students
    1-4 credits: $26.00
    5-11 credits: $51.25
    12 or more credits: $102.50
    Graduate Degree or Non-Degree Students
    1-4 credits: $26.00
    5-8 credits: $51.25
    9 or more credits: $102.50

*Mandatory student services fee applies to all UNH matriculated students, including students taking any online courses. Provides summer access to Health Services, Campus Recreation and the Counseling Center. Students who are living and studying outside the immediate geographic area (50 mile radius) may petition for a waiver of mandatory student service fee. Students may submit a petition form to UNH Business Services or send email to and include your name, student ID number, summer living address and location where you are studying. 

Please note: registration, MUB and student services fees are paid only once per semester. Technology fees are pro-rated based on the number of credits a student enrolls in over the entire Summer Session.


  • $100 per credit
  • Registrations for audit classes are accepted only AFTER classes begin.
  • Students must receive instructor permission to audit a course. Permissions can be secured by emailing the instructor and then forwarding it to
  • Alternatively, students may complete an audit form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. 
  • Students who register for a course before classes begin and change to audit after classes begin are not eligible for the $100 per credit rate.


Please see the Summer Academic Calendar for add/drop deadlines and refund deadlines for each summer term. If a course is cancelled by UNH, all course charges and fees will be refunded.

Exceptions to the tuition and fee policies are considered by petition only. Petitions must be submitted to the Financial Exceptions Committee, UNH Business Services, 11 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH 03824.


UNH benefits-eligible employees should submit their tuition waiver requests through WISE before registering for class. Follow the Step-by-Step guide to learn more about how to submit your waiver.

If you need further assistance or have questions about your USNH Tuition Benefit eligibility please contact the Tuition Benefit administrator for your campus. For UNH Durham, please call Christina VanHorn at (603)862-0519; for UNH Manchester, please call Stacey Silva at (603)641-4166.


New Hampshire residents who are age 65 or older and are not enrolled in a degree program are eligible to take a maximum of two credit-bearing courses* per fiscal year (Summer Session/Fall/January Term/Spring) tuition-free. Students are responsible for all other costs of attendance, including fees.

How to Register
Students may register in-person at the Registrar’s Office in Stoke Hall. Registration begins on the first day of non-degree registration in each semester. Students must complete the following steps prior to registering:

  • Students must provide a copy of their NH State Driver’s License to verify age and residency.
  • ID must be submitted to Business Services in person.
  • Students must complete a Waiver Agreement Form for each semester that they take a course.
  • Please check to see if any additional permissions are required prior to registration. This information will be listed in the course description.

Additional Information

  • Registration is on a space-available basis.
  • Prospective students must be 65 years of age as of the first day of the course
  • Waivers will only be granted at the time of registration (not retroactively). Non-credit courses, workshops, etc. are not covered by this tuition waiver.

* Certain credit-bearing courses offered at UNH but administered by other institutions – such as Isles of Shoals and Library Science courses – are not covered by the tuition waiver.


Tuition is subject to change, without notice, by a decision of the Board of Trustees.