Resource Year Topic Type
Evaluation of the Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship Curriculum
The University of New Hampshire is partnering with Common Sense Education ( to evaluate their Digital Citizenship Curriculum.
2023 Evaluation Project
Sibling Aggression and Abuse Research and Advocacy Initiative (SAARA)
SAARA was created to promote awareness of sibling aggression and abuse and provide guidance for how to prevent and reduce their occurrences.
2022, 2023 Bullying, Peer and Sibling, Sibling Aggression and Abuse Project
The Digital Life Study
This study is part of a larger study that will improve knowledge about the impact on child victims of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). The UNH…
Response to Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM Victims)
Need for study: This study will improve knowledge about the impact on child victims of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). Special attention will be…
Project Lift Up
This study aims to examine youth bystander behavior on self-directed violence (SDV).
Bystander Behavior Project
Trends and New Directions in the Law Enforcement Response to the Sex Trafficking of Minors: A Nationally Representative Study (LEA-CST)
This study assesses and documents the extent that law enforcement has been changing practices to child sex trafficking investigations.
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Project
The Fourth National Survey of Internet & Technology Facilitated Child Exploitation (N-JOV4)
This study aims to gain a better understanding of new threats, problems, and concerns encountered by law enforcement.
2020 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Sexual Abuse, Technology/Internet Victimization Project
Hate Crime Investigations and Offender Profiles: A National Survey of U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies
Funded by: National Institute of Justice, award 2018-MU-MU-0029. This study aims to provide the public with better information about hate crimes,…
Hate and Bias Victimization Project
National Incidence Study of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children in America (NISMART 1)
Funded by: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and Prevention. U.S. Department of Justice, award 2017-MC-FX-K011. The principal goal of…
1990, 2017 Kidnapping and Missing Children, Missing Children Project
The Youth Bias Victimization Questionnaire (YBVQ)
The study used an intensive, mixed-methods approach to develop a comprehensive youth bias crime violence exposure instrument, the Youth Bias…
Hate and Bias Victimization Project