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Updated Trends in Childhood Maltreatment, 2021
This bulletin shows declines in physical abuse and neglect, but a 6% increase in sexual abuse from 2020-21
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Exposure to Domestic Violence Paper
Sibling Aggression and Abuse Research and Advocacy Initiative (SAARA)
SAARA was created to promote awareness of sibling aggression and abuse and provide guidance for how to prevent and reduce their occurrences.
2022, 2023 Bullying, Peer and Sibling, Sibling Aggression and Abuse Project
Crimes against children known to police
Sundberg-Alley, M. (2022). Crimes against children known to police. Durham, NH: Crimes against Children Research Center.
2022 General Child Victimization Paper
What works to prevent violence against children online?
[Finkelhor, D., Walsh, K., Jones, L., Sutton, S., & Opuda, E.] (2022). What works to prevent violence against children online? Geneva: World Healt...
2022 Technology/Internet Victimization, Trends In Child Victimization Paper
Prevalence on Online Sexual Offenses Against Children in the US
Finkelhor, D., Turner, H., & Colburn, D. (2022). The prevalence of online sexual offenses against children in the US. JAMA Open network, 5(10), e2...
2022 General Child Victimization, Technology/Internet Victimization Paper