Hate and Bias Victimization

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U.S. Hate Crime Investigation Rates and Characteristics: Findings from the National Hate Crime Investigations Study (NHCIS)
The National Hate Crime Investigation Study (NHCIS) is the first study to collect detailed data on hate crime investigations from a nationally…
2021 Hate and Bias Victimization Paper
Hate Crime Investigations and Offender Profiles: A National Survey of U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies
Funded by: National Institute of Justice, award 2018-MU-MU-0029. This study aims to provide the public with better information about hate crimes,…
Hate and Bias Victimization Project
The Youth Bias Victimization Questionnaire (YBVQ)
The study used an intensive, mixed-methods approach to develop a comprehensive youth bias crime violence exposure instrument, the Youth Bias…
Hate and Bias Victimization Project
Exposure to Multiple Forms of Bias Victimization on Youth and Young Adults: Relationships with Trauma Symptomatology and Social Support
This paper explores relationships between exposure to multiple types of bias-motivated victimization, trauma symptomatology and perceived social…
2021 Hate and Bias Victimization Paper