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Updated Trends in Childhood Maltreatment, 2020
Between 2019 and 2020 there were declines in physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and fatalities, but the data may be flawed by the pandemic.
2019, 2020, 2021 General Child Victimization Paper
The Fourth National Survey of Internet & Technology Facilitated Child Exploitation (N-JOV4)
Funded by: The National Institution of Justice, award 2020-MU-CX-K002. The overall goals of the Fourth National Juvenile Online Victimization Survey (...
2020 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Sexual Abuse, Technology/Internet Victimization Project
Trends in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
Overall, there appear to have been more historical and recent improvements in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) than deteriorations in the 20th and...
2020, 2021 Polyvictimization, Trends In Child Victimization Paper
Youth internet safety education: Aligning programs with the evidence base
This article reviews Internet safety education initiatives and makes the case that their goals would be better accomplished by building on the foundat...
2020, 2021 Prevention, Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Strengthening the predictive power of screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in younger and older children
This study derives 2 new modified ACE inventories for 2-9-year-olds and 10-17-year-olds that outperform the original ACE in predicting trauma symptoms...
2020, 2021 Polyvictimization Paper