Technology/Internet Victimization

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The Fourth National Survey of Internet & Technology Facilitated Child Exploitation (N-JOV4)
Funded by: The National Institution of Justice, award 2020-MU-CX-K002. The overall goals of the Fourth National Juvenile Online Victimization Survey (...
2020 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Sexual Abuse, Technology/Internet Victimization Project
Exposure to Internet pornography among children and adolescents: A National Survey
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2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Survey of Internet Mental Health Issues (SIMHI)
The Survey of Internet Mental Health Issues is a nationwide mail survey of over 30,000 mental health professionals to assess their encounters with cli...
Technology/Internet Victimization Project
The Co-Occurrence of Internet Harassment and Unwanted Sexual Solicitation Victimizatoin and Perpetration: Associations with Psychosocial Indicators
Ybarra, M., Espelage, D.L., & Mitchell, K. Journal of Adolescent Health. 41(6,Suppl): S31-S41. (CV120b)
2007 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
The Nature and Dynamics of Internet Pornography Exposure for Youth Under 18
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2008 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Work Exposure to Child Pornography in ICAC Task Forces and Affiliates
Wolak, J., & Mitchell, K. J. Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children Research Center.
2009 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Index of problematic online experiences: Item characteristics and correlation with negative symptomatology
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2009 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
First Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS-1
Summary: The Youth Internet Safety Survey is a telephone survey of a national sample of 1,501 youth, ages 10 to 17, and their parents, to assess the i...
1999 Technology/Internet Victimization Project
Inventory of problematic Internet experiences encountered in clinical practice
Mitchell, K.J., Becker-Blease, K. and Finkelhor, D. Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, 36(5): 498-509. (CV92)
2005 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Mental health professionals’ exposure to clients with problematic internet experiences
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2006 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper