Recent Stories

  • Olson Center
    - Research on the Edge
    In June, a state-of-the-art robot cut a ribbon to officially open UNH’s new John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center on the edge of campus. The center introduces students to the... Read More
  • Dacheng Lin
    - Black Hole Discovery
    A team of space scientists led by UNH Space Science Center research assistant professor Dacheng Lin discovered an elusive intermediate mass black hole when the researchers spied... Read More
  • IMAP
    - YouMap, IMAP
    When NASA launches its Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission in 2024, it will carry an instrument designed and built by a team of UNH engineers and scientists... Read More
  • Moose
    - Drained Dry
    The winter tick — a tiny parasite thriving as winters warm and shorten — is decimating northern New England’s moose population, a three-year UNH study found. Published in the... Read More
  • Corinna Jenkins Tucker
    - Teen Chaos
    For adolescents navigating the rocky road of physical and emotional changes, a disorganized and unstable home life can lead to greater depression, poorer physical health and... Read More
  • Outdoor behavioral healthcare
    - Research on the Edge
    A landmark study by UNH researchers Michael Gass, professor of outdoor education, and Anita Tucker, associate professor of social work, found that for adolescents with mental... Read More
  • UNH faculty honors
  • Xuanmao (Mao) Chen, assistant professor of neurobiology
    - UNH Researchers Identify Role Sex-Biased Protein May Play in Autism
    A new discovery could lead to promising autism treatment strategies. Read More
  • UNH professor Nancy Kinner and students at work in a lab
    - Arctic Bound
    Two CEPS students have been awarded fellowships with the Arctic Domain Awareness Center to assist in efforts to better plan oil spill mitigation and protection of the environment. Read More
  • Top Tier
    - Top Tier
    The recent ascent to Carnegie Classification R1 is a powerful recognition of UNH as one of the nation’s highest-performing research universities. Read More