Recent Stories

  • Student works on vacuum chamber in UNH's Space Science Center.
    - Top Tier
    UNH has risen to the top echelon of research universities in the country. Read More
  • Professor William McDowell in his lab
    - Excellence
    UNH faculty members have achieved major honors recently. Read More
  • Hydrographic Hall of Fame
    - Hydrographic Hall of Fame
    Andy Armstrong, the NOAA co-director of UNH's Joint Hydrographic Center, was honored by the Hydrographic Society of America. Read More
  • A young Palestinian walks through a debris-strewn field in Gaza where attacks have damaged much of the civilian infrastructure.
    - Slow Violence
    A new study by UNH and Duke researchers documents the human cost of infrastructure attacks in Gaza and the West Bank. Read More
  • Students collaborating at UNHInnovation
    - Innovation Leader
    UNHInnovation managing director Marc Sedam has been selected as the chair-elect of AUTM, the leading international association supporting the commercialization of academic... Read More
  • map of depopulation of U.S.
    - A Rural Spiral
    UNH research finds a shrinking population in more than a third of rural counties. Read More
  • Highclere Castle
    - Crawleys, Curated
    UNH historian Nicoletta Gullace takes a closer look at the beloved "Downton Abbey" to reveal that it may have been preserving history not as it actually was but as fans believe it... Read More
  • Team of researchers in Antarctica stand in front of a large telescope.
    - Stellar Science
    Sometimes you have to go to the extreme reaches of the planet to study the most extreme phenomena in space. Read More
  • Cook Strait female giant weta
    - Good Vibrations
    New research that reveals how a species of giant weta communicate could have important implications for  conservation efforts. Read More
  • photo of four faculty fellows
    - Meet Next Year's Faculty Fellows
    The Center for the Humanities has awarded Faculty Research Fellowships to four faculty members for 2019-2020. Read More