Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics

Recent Stories

  • Professor Chris Glynn poses in a Paul College classroom
    - New Understanding of Homelessness
    A researcher connects a chronic urban problem with escalating rents. Read More
  • Assistant Professor of Finance Zhaozhao He posing in hallway
    - The Cash to Compete
    Companies look to lock in talent and send a message to would-be poachers. Read More
  • Associate Professor of Accounting Catherine Plante and Assistant Professor of Accounting Linda Ragland pose outside of Paul College
    - Do Nonprofit Hospitals Earn Their Tax Breaks?
    Paul College researchers answer “yes,” but suggest many could do more. Read More
  • Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior Michael Kukenberger posing next to railing
    - Teams Matter
    Teams are replacing hierarchies, and shared leadership is emerging as the key driver in many teams’ success. Read More
  • Associate Professor of Finance Milhail Miletkov standing in front of a world map
    - Board Games
    Finance professor Mihail Miletkov looks at board structure through an international lens. Read More
  • Associate Professor of Hospitality Management and Fulbright Scholar Valentini Kalargyrou poses in hallway
    - Dramatic Discovery
    To better understand how customers view employees with disabilities, Valentini Kalargyrou staged a “play” that proved the experts wrong. At a time when the low U.S. unemployment... Read More
  • Marketing professor Tom Gruen poses in front of a white board
    - Taking Stock of Out-of-Stock
    Major study shows just how far online inventories have to go to keep customers satisfied. Read More
  • Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management Jennifer Griffith standing in a hallway of Paul College
    - Deal With It
    Jennifer Griffith is fascinated by the psychosocial issues that get in the way of good decision making, including emotions but also bias, perception, and that old standby, inertia... Read More
  • Illustration of a fish, seaweed, mussel
    - Fishing for Fortunes
    From the icy waters of the Gulf of Maine to clean drinking water in East Africa, UNH innovations enhance economic opportunities. Read More
  • Amada Guapisaca chats with a career counselor
    - Following Her Roots
    Amada Guapisaca ’19 plans to help those who are struggling with immigration law disputes. Read More